How to Decorate Your Home: Tips to Leave the House or Apartment of Your Way!

Organize the House so that the furniture are well distributed is not an easy task: demands time, patience and, sometimes, several attempts to leave everything to your liking. Below, we split up some tips on how to decorate the House to arrange the furniture. Check out!

10 tips on how to decorate the House or apartment


1 – leave room for movement

Let all the furniture and decor items “glued” on the wall is not the best solution to solve your problem of space. The ideal is to facilitate the passage of people, even in the corners of the House. A tip is to divide the rooms in more than one environment, creating small islands with different functions: a space for the TV, one for dinner, etc.

2 – place sliding doors

If the goal is to save space, always give preference to furniture with sliding doors, as they facilitate the movement when the place is small. In addition to useful on cabinets and racks, sliding doors are perfect for separate environments inside the House without causing disturbances in the passages and, if well planned, can help to hide or view details of a wall decoration.

3 – transparency

If you choose to share one room in two environments, choose to use a transparent glass mobile. If you leave the dining room together, for example, use a transparent glass table to help increase the impression of open space.

4 – learn where to paint

How the inks are applied in each environment also influences the size: a ceiling darker and lighter walls cause the feeling of a lowest place. However, if the idea is to gain more height, reverse: ceiling and walls darker.

5-Use warm colors to decrease

The colors you choose for your home make all the difference. If the idea is to have a smaller and cozier, prefer warm colors, such as red, yellow or orange. They increase the feeling of comfort and create a visually smaller.

6-choose cold tones to increase

If your goal is to make that “little room” look huge, the tip is to use soft tones. “When we use light colors, especially white, we have the illusion of a larger space,” teach the architects Adriana Scartaris and Samira Jarouche.

7-Stripes to enlarge visually

In the rooms, you can count on the help of vertical stripes to take the look of people up and get the feeling of more space.

8-mobile help

Choosing the right mobile, both by size and functionality can make it easier, and, in time to furnish the House. Choose pieces with softer colors helps to highlight the existing space. For the architect, “Leticia multifunctional furniture make all the difference, especially when there are children at home.They take up a lot of space with the toys are scattered, so stools (or poufs) with compartments for storing objects help organization when we have few free areas”.


If you value by minute details, pay attention to this tip of how to decorate the home: choose clear and floors that reflect light well ensure better lighting in the environment and help save electricity.

10-Use mirrors-but be careful!

Use mirrors on the walls will surely help you have a visually greater environment, however, we must caution: plan carefully where the piece will be placed or you could end up suffering with unwanted light reflections. The caution also applies to the corners more messed up: If you put the mirror in a place full of objects, will end up finding twice more mess.