How to Find Right Dog Collar

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When you need to buy a new dog collar, it is important that you know your dog’s size. Of course, you should be sure that you have measured your dog before ordering, so you get a really comfortable collar. The way you measure your dog is to take a tape measure on its neck and remember a few cm of air, so the collar is not going to tighten. On all of our collars are there set a maximum and minimum goals. Your dog’s neck and thus size must be within the range. When you’ve got the collar, it can be adjusted to fit perfectly.


High quality leather collars for dogs

Every dog deserves a nice and delicious quality leather collars and you will find it at us. We cover a large selection of leather collar for dogs and especially Hunters leather collars are very popular, because Hunter is known for their German quality. Hunter’s leather collars are handmade quality and design. Here you will also find the Hunter’s most exclusive leather collars, as are their Black Label series, which consists of completely indescribable beautiful leather collar. A leather collar is a natural material and it should like your shoes, cared for in every now and then. By season switch, you must remember to care for your leather collar with leather grease and here have Hunter made a leather grease for the purpose, the see leather collar. With good care, you have your leather collar in a great many years.


Nylon collars for dogs

Here you will find a broad and quality selection of nylon collars for dogs. Nylon collars for dogs are always preferable to the more dirty walks, so you don’t destroy your fine leather collar. Nylon collars are easy to clean and keep the often long, if it is of good quality. Just quality are important to have in mind when you choose a new collar and with Hollywood Dogs you can be assured that the quality is already checked for you. You will find the nylon collar in all styles and colors available here and there are famous brands, such as Hunter, Hurtta, and Rogz mm.


Webbing/rope collars for dogs

Webbing or rope collars are very hard-wearing dog collars and these are available in many colors from Hunter. Hunters Freestyle series is created which both dog collar, dog leashes and retriever liner. Rope collars from Hunter are made of polyester and have a very strong inner core, which makes the collar not breakage. View all the great variety of rope collars under the nylon collar.


Reflective collars to the dark time

There is a wide selection of beautiful reflective collars for dogs. Reflective collar ensure you and especially your dog is extra visible in the dark time. See the beautiful reflective collar from Hunter and Hurtta here at the shop. Would you extra visibility there are also retro vests, bandanas and reflective strips under the category of security. Here you will also find a wide selection of lighting for your dog, so it is extra visible. The lamps are particularly handy if you airing your dog without a leash and on the meeting you will always be able to see your dog and the others will too. It is important that both you and your dog are visible, not only for your own sake, but also for traffic safety’s sake.

There is also dog’s liner, which is equipped with reflectors for full security.


All the famous brands

Here you will find all the well-known quality brands for dogs. A brand the site is very proud of is Hunter. But also Hurtta is known for their quality and functionality. A new brand is carefully selected to the shop, for the brand must have a high quality and their products must not only be beautiful, but they must also be functional and durable.

Have you found is the collar to your dog from Hunter, as it is not in the shop, please write an email to us, so we order it home to you.


Each dog breed requires specific dog collars

On the site you can find a large selection of dog collars. The selection of collars for dogs is wide and you will find both collars of high quality, in beautiful colors and at reasonable prices. The wide selection makes it easier for you to find a dog collar that is appropriate for your dog’s breed! The range includes both collars in leather, nylon and a lot of other cute and clever variations. If you have a large dog or a small dog, is no problem, since all of our collars are available in several different sizes.


Choose the right closure on your collar

On each collar is there a closing mechanism, which of course has a major importance, when you need to buy your new dog collar. This selection of dog collars has a lot of different shutdown functions. For example there is a half choke, which is a very simple solution, since you can simply pull it down over the dog’s head. We also offer collars with shut down function hole-closing with sewn-in D-rings. This closure is often found on our leather collars and helps to make the collar easily and adjustable. Hunter is here known for their strong D-rings and those are highly recommended for you and your dog! From the web site, you will also find the familiar click-lock, which is also easy to adjust on, so your dog can’t back out of the collar. You will find not crochet whining, since this kind of collars for dogs is not popular.


We also cover an even bigger selection of collars for dogs. You can find everything from leather collars to nylon collars and of course a lot of other cute dog collar, at reasonable prices. Neck tapes are available in different sizes and in multiple colors and flavors. If you buy a leather collar, it is important to care for it and it is especially important at the season change. Here you can take advantage of Hunter leather grease, which you can also find the inside of the shop. Leather fat contains a lot of nourishing oils, which helps to keep your collar delicious, so it keeps in a great many years.


There are of course collars for both small and large dogs, but always remember to measure your dog before you order your new dog collar. It is important that your dog will find his new collar pleasant and that it sits as it should. Inside on the products, there is always a list of sizes and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.