How to Knit a Dog

The great knitting special in the TINA

Knitted dog of Hannes is stuffed animal and puppet in one. Just follow the Gratisstrickanleitung and customize the knitted creatures themselves.

You need this for the puppet:

  • Lana Grossa cool wool Merino Super fine (100% wool;LL 160 m / 50 g) in natural white, medium brown, dark brown and a rest in sand; additional 50 g for the inlet in natural white
  • 2 animal eyes, ø 10 mm, (half Pearl from the craft supplies)
  • Remnants of felt and thread in Brown and pink
  • Embroidery thread in black
  • Fabric scraps for the neckerchief
  • Craft felt, 3 mm thick, approximately 11 cmx 3.5 cm
  • Double pointed needles and circular needle 2,5-3 mm (or other starch, under tension)
  • Maschenraffer or large safety pin
  • medium-sized safety pin, tamping or upholstery needle
  • Sewing needle
  • Cotton-wool, white and dark
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive

And so easy knit dog of Hannes:


Starting with the hem of the body is worked from bottom to top. Chart with the Rundstrickend 66 M in natural white anschl, smooth re in rows (right side rows, Rückr li), start with a callback. 8 R stocking str.

9 Series (yos): For the Umbruchkan-te the hem only these yos re instead of li str.

10-57 series: After the cross stitch patterns (page 20) in parquetry work (see» techniques «»). This wrap two small balls of the medium brown ball and a small ball from the natural white ball and use a separate ball for each color field.

  1. Row: 4 M cast, 30 M re str, 4 M abk, 28 M re str.

Now that is first breast in natural white smooth continued re in rows (= 28 m mesh group). You can quiesce the mesh group with 30 M on the Rundstricknd.

59-69 series: Smooth re str.

70-79 series: In each row (re M) respectively the 3rd and 4th M go off re zusstr and the fourth-last and third to last M re zusstr. Re series in each (li M) respectively the 3rd and 4th li zusstr and the fourth-last and the third M li go off zusstr (= 8 STS).

After the 79th cut the thread R and stopping the stitches on a safety pin or a Maschenraffer. Fig. 1

The back (= previously quiesced mesh group with 30 M) in medium brown also re in order work smoothly, starting with a return number.

59-63 series: Smooth re str.

  1. Series: Each of the first 2 STS and the last 2 M R re zusstr (= 28 STS).

65-69 series: Smooth re str.

70-79 series: Arb, as described for the corresponding R of breast.

Up to the end of the 79 series str; do not cut the thread. «Now the disused 8 M Hornback community together with the 8 M chest on 3 ND spread and for the» neck finger «weiterarb Rd in medium brown. Fig. 2

He disappears later in the head. 20 Rd stocking str. Then 6 x each the last 2 M each ND re zusstr (= 10 STS). The knitted garment finish (see”General techniques «») and finish the hem. Until the beginning of the shoulder decreases in the mattress stitch to close the shoulder seam of the base of the neck. Close up on level of the 58th Avenue in the mattress stitch the side seam of the rib. At the back, this is the R in the 5 M have been cast off, please count on the belly. It is advisable to baste side seams or to put a mark in the belly on the level of the 58th Avenue. The arm hole remains open! Detail photos can be found at squirrel Nane (page 47 et seq.).


Work according to the basic instructions for arms knitted on. While the left arm completely in natural white knit, in the right arm 15 rounds in medium brown arb, then natural white next str with.


For the sole 6 M in the FB sand anschl, stocking in series work, start with a callback (li M).

2nd, 4th and 6th row: each of the QF of 2 M 1 ML herausstr and herausstr from the QF before the penultimate M 1 MR (= 12 M).

7-15 series: Smooth re str.

16, 18 and 20 series: both the 2nd and 3rd M go off re zusstr and respectively the third and penultimate M re zusstr (= 6 STS).

21 series: All STS cast off. Sew the thread ends on the left side of the work.

Cover from the soleplate 38 M in natural white and medium brown. Cover the M directly from the edge on, but about 1 M or series inward offset to avoid holes. Keep the sole so that the edge points downwards. The 1 nd of the Ndspiels in the top right start middle of rounding (slightly below the cast-off edge). Top left regard 10 M up to the middle of the round. With the 2 nd 9 M up to the middle of the rounding bottom left take. With the 3 ND 10 M until the middle of the rounding down re consider. With the 4 ND 9 M up to the middle of the round top right regard. The RD is closed, the M are distributed as follows: 1 ND (heel) 10 M, 2. ND (page) = 9 M, 3. ND (tip) = 10 M, 4 ND (page) = 9 m see fig. 3

The right leg is knitted completely in natural white. Start with the left leg with medium brown. Color change to brown after the 22nd round, color change to natural white after the 34th round.

Round 1-6: All M re str.

7th, 8th, 9th and 10th round: 1 needle: all M re str. 2nd needle: each the last 2 M re zusstr. 3. needle: each the first 2 M re go off zusstr and each of the last 2 M re zusstr. 4 needle: each the first 2 M re zusstr go off (= 22 M).

11 round: 1 needle: all M re str. 2nd needle: the last 2 M re zusstr. 3. needle: all M re str. 4 needle: the first 2 M re zusstr go off (= 20 STS). Distribute STS on 3 ND, to the 52nd (counted from the bottom) round smooth str, respecting re on pattern.

In the 53rd round all STS cast off. Legs both equal to arb. See the basic instructions for tips to plug out and sew-on. Fig. 4

Tip: If the legs look too complicated to you, you knit easy legs according to the instructions of separately knitted arms in the basic instructions, only just much longer and in the corresponding colour. Cast on 20 M instead of 18 M. Then have more that need to be considered together at the end of 2 M.


Anschl, spread evenly on 3 ND 18 M in dark brown (each 6 M) and stocking at Rd Street

Strip episode: 5 Rd dark brown, 5 Rd Middle Brown alternately str.

8th, 18th, 28th and 38th round: each the last 2 M each ND re zusstr (= 6 STS). Stop the garment after the 45th round. The Dick stuff and sew the back blunt. Fig. 5


6 M in medium brown anschl, spread evenly on 3 ND (= 2 STS per ND) and stocking in RD str, thereby M Inc as follows:

1 round: Herausstr from each M 2 M (= 12 STS).

2 round: Each 2 m 2 M herausstr (= 18 STS).

4 round: Each 3 m 2 M herausstr (= 24 STS).

6 round: Each 4 m 2 M herausstr (= 30 STS).

8th round: Each 5 m 2 M herausstr (= 36 STS).

10 round: From each 6 M 2 M out str (= 42 M).

12th round: Each 7 m 2 M herausstr (= 48 STS).

15th round: Each 8 m 2 M herausstr (= 54 M).

21st round: 6 M re 6 M cast, 6 M re; on the 2nd and 3rd nd all M re str.

22nd round: 6 M re, 6 M aufstr or to wrap 6 M re; on the 2nd and 3rd nd all M re str.

23-28th round: All M re str.

29th round: Distribute STS on 4 ND as follows: the first 9 M 1 ND re str. This ND is hereinafter referred as 4. nd. Now rearrange the remaining M: first 4 STS from the 2 nd to the 1 ND slide. Slide the last 4 M of the 3 ND on the 4th nd. Each 13 M, on the 2nd and 3rd ND each 14 M is located on the 1st and 4th nd. The transition from the 4th nd to the 1 ND (= beginning) is now centered above the neck hole. 6

As follows knitting the 29th round to an end: 1 needle: re of 6 M, 2 M re go off zustr, 5 M re. 2nd and 3rd needle: each 5 M re, 2 M re zustr, 2 M re go off zusstr, 5 M re. 3 needle: 5 M re, 2 M re zusstr, 6 M re. There are now 12 M on each nd.

31st round: Colour change, with natural white next str.

  1. round: * 4 M re, 2 M re zustr, 2 M re go off zusstr, 4 M re;off * even 3 x Rep (= 40 STS).
  2. round: * 3 M re, 2 M re zustr, 2 M re go off zusstr, 3 M re;off * even 3 x Rep (= 32 STS).
  3. round: * 2 M re, 2 M re zustr, 2 M re go off zusstr, 2 M re;off * even 3 x Rep (= 24 STS).
  4. round: * re 1 M, 2 M re zustr, 2 M re go down zusstr, 1 M re;off * even 3 x Rep (= 16 STS).
  5. round: * 2 M re zustr, go 2 M re off zusstr; off * even 3 x Rep (= 8 STS).After the 49th round finish the garment.The instructions for the plugs, attaching the head to the body and creating the eye sockets, see the chapter”basic instructions «.»

Warning: Apply a circle out of brown felt about 45 mm diameter with matching thread in the loop stitch stuffed upside before the eye sockets to work!

The nose with black embroidery thread in the satin stitch, embroider mouth back down. For the blaze you embroider some stitch stitches in natural white centered between the eyes.


22 M in dark brown anschl, spread 4 ND (1 ND = 6 M, 2. nd = 5 M, 3. nd = 5 M, 4. nd = 6 M) and stocking at Rd Street

Round 1-4: Smooth re str.

5th and 10th round: 1st and 4th needle: all M re str. 2nd needle: each from the QF before last M 1 MR herausstr. 3. needle: each from the QF of 1 M herausstr 1 ML (= 26 M).

13th round: 1st and 4th needle: all M re str. 2nd needle: each the last 2 M re zusstr. 3. needle: each of the first 2 M re zusstr go off (= 24 STS).

16th, 19th, 22nd and 25th round: 1st and 3rd needle: each of the first 2 M re zusstr. go off 2nd and 4th needle: each zusstr the last 2 M re (= 8 STS). Stop after the 25th round the knitted garment (see”General techniques «»). The inside of the ear freely cut out hand made pink felt (see photos) and apply loops down with matching thread. Sew both ears like arb and on the head. If you like, you SEW an ear to bend ear. Fig. 9


Two blunt triangles cut from cotton remnants (base approx. 26 cm, height above the center of the base is approx. 9 cm, which results in a length of about 15 cm); Remember seam allowance. Put together both pieces right sides together and sew around the edges up on a 4 cm-long opening for turning.Turn on the right and close the opening for turning by hand with invisible stitches. Iron the cloth.