How to Know What Size Clothes Your Dog Wears

Rain, snow or shine, some dogs never go out without a suitable outfit. Coats, raincoats, hoodies and even caps… Nothing is too good for our dogs. Are these accessories really useful? If so, which to choose?

Proudly strutting in their winter outfits, some dogs are real engravings of fashion. But can we and should we dress the animals as if they were human beings human? How to choose clothes not only aesthetic and useful?

Dogs have cold outside?

A Garment For The Most Fragile Dogs

Dogs are more rustic than humans animals. Their body adapts more easily and more quickly to changes in temperature and their dense fur allows them to sleep outside. However, the genetic evolution of some fragile breeds makes them more cautious and less resistant to the cold winter. Puppies, older dogs and some dwarf breeds or very short hair can wear a garment at the outputs. If he is right, it will help them even to regular more easily their temperature.

Very Good Resistance To Low Temperatures

By nature, dogs are descended from wolves. They therefore initially have a very good resistance to low temperatures. Puppies that are used from a young age to stay out also adapt very well to cool temperatures. However, the “dog city” living forever in heated interiors may suffer big temperature differences. Their body has lost the habit of fighting the cold and it is at this point that a coat can be useful. Attention, if your dog seems very well stand the cold, dress it will be completely useless.

What clothes for my dog?

When Aesthetics Does Not Rhyme With Protection

Dogs need not caps or windbreaker, although see them wear is great fun. A pet is not a doll. Therefore to focus on protection and not theaesthetic of the garment. A flexible and light coat will be enough to protect the back and joints of your fragile dog against cold and wetness. It must be able to move freely and not be bothered by a hoodie or another superfluous accessory.

The Choice of The Size For The Maintenance Of The Dog Clothing

The simple sweater cotton the real jacket, real important criterion, it is size. A too big dog clothing will hinder your pet during his travels and let the air. A too tight clothing may irritate his skin in case of movements and your dog will feel very uncomfortable. Finally, feel free to regularly wash the garment and to treat fleas.

How do dogs get cold?
Like humans, dogs can catch rhinitis or laryngitis by being exposed to various changes of temperature. A tired dog faced the cold will spend more energy than usual, and his immune system will be more vulnerable. The dog is fragile, elderly or very young, it is more likely to catch cold. Beware, this cold snap is not to be confused with kennel cough.
Dr. Elisabeth Tané, veterinary.