How to Make a Dog Raincoat

If you have a dog that does not like rainy weather, he can appreciate raincoat that will protect it from getting wet. Whether it is big or small, you can sew custom raincoat to use when you take it for walks in the rain, or even when he has to go to the toilet.

Things You’ll Need:
Pencil marking
1/2 yard of waterproof fabric (more on larger dog)
Sewing machines and matching thread
Velcro strips Show more instructions ready to sew


Measure your dog. You will need to know the length of the back and off around his chest. Write the measurements down, so you will not need to measure again.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and cut it so it is one inch longer than the length of the back of the dog. Then cut it, so it’s an inch wider than the measurement of chest taken.

Hold the fabric folds and make light pencil line five inches from the fold on the short side of the fabric. Measure seven inches across the end of the long side and make another light pencil mark.

Draw a straight line connecting the two marks and cut on it. When the fabric is still folded, this will leave a seven by five 8.5 inch triangle, wherein the tissue is excised.

Mark the fabric in half from top to bottom on the opposite side of the triangle just cut. Draw a line from the bottom of the front half of a mark halfway and cut along this line. Wrap your fabric should now have a “V” shaped notch in the front and narrow at the back.

Unfold the fabric and sew a 1/2 inch hem at the opposite end of the country where the neck is cut. Sew a 1/2 inches hem at the opening of the door and straight sides to the front.

HEM both sides of your almost done doggie raincoat. Attach 1.5-inch strips of Velcro to the front of the coat, where the ends overlap and the bottom, where you have to do your dog’s coat.

Let your puppy model her new raincoat. Feel free to take a picture or two.