How to Make Dog Food?

A practical way to feed our mascot is through feed. If it is of quality, it will be focused all the essential nutrients for a healthy diet for your pet. In addition, it is easy and is already ready.

Sometimes, however, the dog doesn’t want to eat anything. Hence, we wonder what to do when my dog doesn’t want to eat pure ration?

My dog doesn’t want to eat dog food, just food

Many times our mascot refuses to eat his food. When that happens, he can spend several days in fasting, insisting on not eating.
If it’s been a long time without eating, getting that basic question:dog’s Gotta eat how many times per day?
Even worse if he stopped wanting to eat people food ration. Is a mistake to think that dog can eat people food. That’s not a good idea for him, because our food is not healthy for dogs.

See 5 reasons to the dog not wanting to eat ration:

Although the instinct to make the animal feed all the time, some dogs can go through phases of complete starvation.

It is common for some owners find that your pet is doing a hunger strike. However, usually there is a real reason for him to do that.
Hardly a dog will no longer feed on a whim.

1) the refusal of the dog food can be related to diseases. Some diseases take the dog to lose appetite.
The continued lack of hunger can worsen the picture of the disease, because the animal, in addition to sick, begins to weaken because of fasting.
2) Dogs that have been used to feed on “people food” can be very picky about the taste (since our food is very spicy).

Don’t think of fighting a battle with him, if you refuse to eat. Up ahead, we will see 10 tips to get the dog to eat dog food again.
3) Depending on the location where your plate is, the dog may have more or less feel like eating.

The dog has a habit of keeping a food and water source far from where do your needs. If the newspaper or the mat where he relieves are next to the dish, it is possible that he refuses food.

In this situation, the simple change of scenery is already able to solve the problem.

4) if you are adestrando your dog, and use treats as a form of award, it’s possible he won’t so hungry at mealtime.
In addition, it can be more picky, preferring the cookies, for example, than the feed.
5) Sad or depressed Animals can lose my appetite.

Canine depression can be caused by prolonged separation from the owner (who left for a trip, or moved), the loss of a partner or for solitude.

In these cases, spend more time with the animal, playing with him and chatting amiably, can be enough.

Some dogs spend most of the day alone at home, and only at night, when the owners come from work or school, they have company.

At these moments it is common to see the dog feeding greedily, now that is no longer alone.

Need to feed dog how many times?

It is not advisable to feed the dog only once a day, that can connect you to develop problems such as obesity, gastritis or the eating feces.
Adult dogs should be fed at least 3 times a day. Food should not be available all the time, because it can ferment, dry or attract insects.
In these cases, obviously the animal you don’t want to eat.
If it’s hard to feed him 3 times a day (for lack of time or absence), the owner must take these attitudes:
split the feed in 3 parts and give the equivalent of two parts in the morning and the rest only at night;

  • or purchase an automatic feeder. This accessory will automatically release the feed for the dog during the hours that you schedule.

Feeding the dog: amount

The optimum amount of feed that the dog can eat comes described on the product packaging.
You must provide the amount according to the age, size and breed of animal. Read the packaging and use a cup or bowl with just the right amount. That way he will always eat the same amount.
This is How to feed a dog.
How to make dog food

The important thing is to find out ways to become more attractive food for the animal.

A few simple tips can be quite effective in this case, making the puppy to have a normal appetite.

1) When the dressage of the animal is carried out with the aid of goodies, and it interferes in your appetite, start using their own feed grains.

That way, whenever your puppy is, give him 1 or 2 feed grains.
Prefer to perform the training just before meal time.
So your appetite will be open when the time comes to eat the plate.

2) Avoid leaving it in the dining room during meals, if this changes your behavior. Some dogs must have a delimited area of the House where it is not allowed to stay for the whole time. Teach him that, during lunch and dinner, your dog should stay elsewhere.
Of course he’s going to keep feeling the scent of food, but at least you won’t see her, what will decrease enough your anxiety. In addition, to have your plate near, he will feel hungry and eat.

3) To have the ration refused, that should be stored in a plastic bag, to keep fresh, and presented to the dog just next time, like another new food.

4) food shall not be maintained all the time available to the dog, which eventually will get sick of it.

What mix feed for dog

5) If the dog insist on refusing food, one can add some substances for which the feed more attractive.
We can enrich it with a few drops of broth (beef and bones boiled in water). This can overcome the stubbornness of the dog.

There are other additives that can be added, such as a few drops of plain yogurt, or olive oil.
Sometimes a bit of hot water causes the product to release the aroma, luring the dog.

6) Some owners talk to the dog and make pet him, when the animal refuses to eat. In this way, he gets an extra dose of caution when you’re fasting. With time, he can refuse to eat just to get attention.

If you hold the puppy, get him on your lap and pet him when he refuses to your food, you’re rewarding him for not eating.

He’s going to continue doing this, because many animals prefer affection and attention than food.

7) whenever I add any element to ration, as pieces of meat, for example, do before he refused food.

For example:If your dog doesn’t want to eat, keep the feed and present next time, enriched with another product. Don’t let him see you “improved” flavor, otherwise he will learn that the refusal does get any hotter food.

8) remove gradually, over time, the products we added, so that he gets used to it slowly with the taste of pure feed.

9) sometimes a period of fasting serves for your dog reflect on the food. A dog may be 2 or 3 days without food. Since you’re not sick or weak, this time will not cause health problems in it.

In the period, act naturally, showing always the plate at mealtime. Until he starts to be won by hunger.
If he insist beyond that time frame, add some new substance in food, without him.

My dog doesn’t want to eat dry dog food

10) A good idea is to mix the dry ration that sold in cans. To be more moist and usually have a lighter texture, the dog can be taken to try it out, taking the rest of the food by side effect.
In the same way as has been said, just in time to go removing the new feed and replacing it by the former.

I switched the feed my dog and he doesn’t want to eat

Many times our mascot refuses to eat when we switch the brand or flavor of the feed. He was already so used to a type that does not accept the change.
In this case, we must abide by said: wait 1 or 2 days to see if he can eat normally; If you do not come back, we must begin to supplement feed with other substances, making him feel attracted by the food again.
After the dog is already eating the feed, supplements should be removed gradually, so that in the end he eats only pure food.

My dog just wants to eat meat

We should not replace food him for something else more tasty because the dog will learn with time, which always leave untouched ration, something better will be offered.
If you want to offer portions of meat along with the feed, remember that, if for any reason, the meat has to be removed (for health reasons, financial or practical), the dog will most likely refuse to feed.

It’s good to give the dog natural food?

A lot of people have offered natural food to the dog. The natural food is that cooked at home and supplemented with specific nutrients.
It is important to search what the necessary nutrients according to the age, breed, size and activities of the animal.

Don’t let the dog watch your meals

Is incorrect, too, get the dog to join the table owner. The nose of the dog is far superior to ours. If for us the meal smells good, imagine for him.
For the animal, a common meal is a veritable feast of smells and a tempting offer of forbidden food.
Many dogs that are close to the table during meals can develop anxiety, because they know that the food that their owners are ingesting them not will be offered.
This can grieve them and let them appalled by your plate, causing them to begin a hunger strike.

Can dog eat whiskas?

Who has a cat and a dog knows that the dog will always prefer cat food.
This is not just a fad. Cat food is more appealing to the dog, because it is made for the feline palate (which is much more demanding).
The kibble for cats comes with a greater amount of fat and protein. Moreover, it has more texture, flavor and aroma than the dog (this is because the cat is really boring to eat and get seasick easily).
Is not a serious problem if the feline mascot steal food either time. But if you’re used to doing this, may suffer in the long run.
Fat and extra food protein can cause kidney problems, diarrhoea and obesity.
Therefore, it is not a good idea to let your dog stealing cat food.

90% Tricks. Without training.

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