How to Make Puppy Cloth

Pet accessories are a growing business, with owners buying everything from leopard-print couches dogs for eyeglasses that cost more than designer shades human him. A profitable niche in this market is the design and marketing of puppies clothes. Whether you plan to sell your projects or just to dress up your own pretty puppy you need to follow some basic guidelines that will keep the user (s) -comfortably and safely.

Use doll clothes or children’s clothing as a guide. You may even be able to find some simple or baby doll clothing and adapt it to the needs of you, rather than creating an entirely new equipment.

If you are going to design the outfit from scratch, measure your puppy from his neck to his tail around his stomach and around his neck to get the right sizing. Make sure to add a 1/2 “or so to your measurements, so that the dog is not shy.

You do not want to create an outfit puppy that is a massively complicated, full of bells and whistles, or there are too many belts or straps for attachment. Remember that puppies are very small, so you do not have much room to get very fancy, anyway.

You will also want to design for a simple and comfortable fabric like cotton, it is easy to wash when the puppy is next mud hole. Forget brocade, velvet or fancy silk or velvet.

Make for easy dressing. Clothing design should easily fit over the head of the dog and both include small armholes or simply strap around his belly. Bar can be very loose elastic, or (better yet) secured with Velcro.

Make sure fasteners. You do not want to use too many of them to keep clothes or want to hire buttons, snaps or lace. Steer clear of things that can easily fall off, chewed off, loosen or catch on things and hurt the puppy.

Do not forget the dog must be potty trained. He should be able to do his job, leaving his clothes on. Leave the right holes, making sure they are spacious and did not shrink from his running, jumping, playing and hiding under the couch.

Never include feathers, spikes, small beads or jewelry toxic glue or something else that could hurt the puppy if he decides to chew on his clothes, which many of them will try to do.