How to Make the Home Safer for Your Pet

Having pets is amazing: they are good companions, fun and above all, part of the family. However, they also need to be watched carefully, especially within the home or apartment. Select safety tips for you to leave your pet at home, but always with some extra care. Check out:

In the kitchen

-Save the sharp objects and cookware in hard to reach places.

-Throw the leftover food in dumpsters and the always capped and away.

– Keep the cabinets closed to prevent the pets come in and stay away forever.

In the rooms

-Pets love to play with socks, but to eat them they may suffer a bowel obstruction.

-Keep your children’s toys, especially those with very small parts, well guarded.

In the living room 

-Careful with the animals ‘ contact with ornaments and weights, because they can if gas or choke on certain materials.

In the backyard 

-Be careful with the garden, because several ornamental plants are toxic and if the animal eat them can be harmed. Examples of toxic plants: rhododendron, me-anyone-can and sword-San jorge.

In the bathroom

-Don’t let the pet eat roll of toilet paper, soaps, shampoos or trash bag.

– Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent the pet from falling inside.

-Keep sharp objects such as razor blade and scissors, in high places or closed.

In the garage 

-Great care in time to put or take the car to avoid road kills.

-Remember that there are animals who like to sleep under the car, watch out!

-“Watch the electrical wires that are very close to the floor and easy access to the animal: they may want to play around, nibble on the cord and electrocute”, Cleiser alert Kurashima, veterinary.

Avoid frights!

-If you live in an apartment, place protective screens in Windows and balconies.

-If the animal is more aggressive or extremely fearful, beware: the bugs can advance and biting, especially children.

-Cats love to play with yarn and thread, so don’t let these materials on the floor, where they can have access.

“The animal is like a child. Someone always needs to be watching. In an owner’s carelessness, accidents happen, “the specialist.