How to Make Your Dog Healthy and Shiny Hair?

He also has the right to a healthy and shiny hair: tips to be at the top of the form.

Health and beauty test indicator: the hair is a central subject in the dog too! It’s like our hair, so take care and know them so they are perfect! Do you know the right things to give your dog the hair it deserves?

Have A Healthy and Balanced Diet

As so often, everything starts in the plate… or rather in the Bowl! A healthy and balanced diet promotes health, and thus the beauty of the hair. How? To have a healthy and shiny hair, some nutrients are particularly needed, such as omega 3. A poor food in polyunsaturated fatty acids gives a bit dull and fragile skin.

Where to find a food rich in omega3? A food rich in meat and fish raw, for example, with a little vegetable oil and raw vegetable very suitable! Don’t worry, internet sites can help you to move to a richer and healthier diet for your dog such as for example!

Use shampoos suited to your dog hair

Healthy eating is good, but not enough! If you want your dog to have a hair perfect without going to the groomer, you can not do without a good shampoo suitable to his skin, his hair and his preferences !

How to choose shampoo for her? By looking at his hair, simply!

Is the hair long, short, ras? Hard or rough? More the hair is long and more choice of shampoo is crucial. A bad shampoo and it’s a disaster! Hard naked dogs, for example, as the hard haired Dachshund or the Irish Terrier, to always brush and detangle the hair before washing.

But that’s not all: for every feature of hair, there is a solution:

  • matted hair? a spray detangler!
  • fall of hair? a moulting Activator shampoo!

A silky hair, is also the result of a suitable shampoo!

The Brushing of the Dog

Finally, for hard or long haired dogs, shampoo ends with a brushing session! In some dog to particularly dense hair, brushing should be a daily habit!

This time can be a great moment of pleasure and complicity between the master and his dog, or a test for both! You choose what you prefer! In any case, a good brush will help you: the furminator for short hair, the vetocanis for the longhaired and the furmaster for the long and dense hair, for example, will help you make a good moment for a hair silky and soft!

Now that you’re an expert to make your dog healthy and shiny coat, check out other items on their daily grooming (nails, teeth, perfume adapted, etc.) by clicking here !

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