How to Play Flyball with Your Dog

Surprising and comical, dog sport flyball raises an extraordinary craze in Britain where it appeared at the end of the 1970s.

Unlike their British counterparts, the french police dog is unfamiliar this game whose main asset lies in being within reach of all dogs and all the masters.

This discipline is actually a relay race involving two teams of four dogs in competition (or more) on two identical and parallel courses. At the signal from the judge, the first two dogs soar, cross each other a series of four hurdles at the end of which is placed a box containing a bullet.

To catch him, the dog must rely on a kind of pedal which, by triggering a spring propels the projectile to a height of 60 cm. The task of the dog is to snap the ball in midair to win a maximum of time and bring it back to his master by crossing the course of hedges in the opposite direction.

Once he jumped the final hurdle, another dog can take over. The stopwatch stops that one time the course of the last completed competitor. Equality of faults (refusal of Hedges), the team that has achieved the best time wins the event.

A fun activity for the dog

Like agility, flyball is a fun activity that combines game and sport, while promoting a great complicity between the master and his dog. From an educational point of view, flyball allows skills development techniques of the knock-on, the report object, speed racing, jumping, recall and sociability.

This spectacular game is a real popular test of speed of all dogs enough motivated by the ball: the top teams are usually less than 20 seconds to complete the course. The current world record is 15.54 seconds (July 19, 2003, United States) for the round trip of four dogs!

Unlike the agility, the master has no need to run alongside his dog, which makes this sport accessible to the elderly and the disabled.

Flyball allows the master to improve the relationship he has with his dog, giving him the opportunity to do a minimum of physical exercise. He is a friendly and fun, easily passable fun activity in urban areas.