How to Protect the Dog During the Cold Days

Blanket? Clothes? What Are The Alternatives To Protect Your Friend During The Winter? Check Out!

On cold days, nothing better than to enjoy a lazy next to your best friend, right? But, you know how to protect it from the cold?

There are breeds that adapt better to winter than others, so, all care is essential to keep your friend warm and comfortable this time of year!

Protecting Your Dog From The Cold.

It is essential that your best friend don’t get exposed to cold in any time of day. In addition, hygiene and nutrition, too, require special care. If your best friend is exposed to cold, it will become more vulnerable to disease, for example.

The short-haired dogs need greater care, because they are sensitive. There are few breeds of dogs that are adapted to cope with low temperatures as the São Bernardo, Akita, among others.

If your best friend has a habit of sleeping on the outside of the House, you must provide a House and puts it on the opposite side of the draft, but if your dog sleeps in the house, he must sleep in their own beds and be sure to cover it with a blanket and put a c olchão for which he’d be more comfortable.

The clothes are also important for your dog these days warming ice cream, especially if he has shorter. There are several models of clothes that you can choose to leave your friend very elegant for the cold days.

However, there are dogs that do not adapt to the use of clothes that are made in wool or synthetic fabric. In this case, a good tip is to be replaced by a sleeping bag that is manufactured in cotton, because it is a fabric that causes less irritation.

Power care in cold days!
This time of year, the energy expenditure tends to be bigger, so the frequency of the power supply may be higher, too. The ideal is to ask the veterinarian to correct amount of feed that can be given to your best friend during this period.

How is the bathroom?
The baths can be reduced, for example, if dog has a habit of taking a bath every week, he can pass to be taken every two weeks. In addition, the best time is between 11:00 to 3:00 pm, because it is a warm period of the day came a Tan during the day? Take your best friend to give a good ride!

Like the tips? How do you protect your dog during the cold days? Count here on the blog!