How To Replace The Pet Ration For Food

Have You Ever Thought About Changing The Feed Of Pets For Food Made By You?

It is not yet a majority, but many owners of dogs and cats have chosen to prepare the groceries of your pets and put aside the feed. But don’t think it’s that simple. If you are used to eating sweet foods with dyes, containing fats and preservatives, whoa! This type of food it’s been bad for humans. Imagine what can cause in pets?

It’s not every kind of ingredient that cats and dogs can consume. In the following text you will know a little more about the subject and so make the decision that is best for your pet. Check out:


To properly prepare the pet food, his health tends to improve. The food made at home will contain less calcium and sugar. With this the allergies tend to decrease and the hair will become brighter, strong and healthy. As the case may be, the pet more fatty can even lose weight.


The downside is that you will have to reserve a period of time to prepare your pet’s food. See the vet about the foods listed and see companies that prepare balanced menus for pets.

Right Diet

No way industrialized. Pet meal must contain protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables, vegetables and carbohydrates. Grind the food for their body to absorb the nutrients efficiently.

Prohibited Foods

Certain types of food don’t do well to pets or must be consumed in moderation. Note:

Onion: can cause anemia;

Garlic: the consumption of this product can cause serious damage to the kidneys;

Citrus fruits: are strong for the stomach of pets, therefore, if used, should be in moderation;

Potato: offer only being shelled and cooked. Otherwise, it is possible that the stomach is damaged;

Chocolate: Don’t offer them under any circumstances. In addition to lead poisoning, can cause rapid heart rate, muscle spasms, diarrhea and vomiting;

Cakes and bread: the bread and pasta uncooked cake cause gases, which can become very painful;

Star fruit, grapes and raisins: damage the kidneys;

Avocado: causes diarrhea;

Macadamia nuts: can cause tremor, weakness and vomiting;

Coffee: caffeine may cause urinary and nervous system disease in animals.

Adjustment Period

Is not suitable for the food rations of change 1. Do gradually replacing until the pet get used to it. Give it some time.

Watch Bones

Stay well tuned to put the food in the jar of your pet. There should not be, under any circumstances, any piece of bone. They become more harmful and dangerous when cooked, since become harder. The risk is the bone or a piece of him up in the intestine and perforate the organ.

See the pet’s veterinarian before changing the food ration.