How to Start Your Home Lighting

Most people just think of lighting when need to buy chandeliers, spots or switches, isn’t it? But this important aspect of decoration cannot be thought of only as a final detail. The lighting should be planned at the exact moment you begin to imagine the reform of your House.


The reason is because the whole point of light requires “breaks” to get the wires from one place to another and any decision to retrospectively, possibly will cause you to have to send break up something that was already ready.

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For example: If your work is finished and you still put a lamp where it wasn’t planned no outlet, you have two possibilities: or see loose threads running through walls or break all over again to embed the wires. In addition to the extra headache, this work will require good hours of Mason breaking walls, plastering and painting.

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The enlightenment ideal of a House should be developed along with the project. For example, if you already chose the location of the couch and also knows that will be a beautiful painting behind, I suggest to set the points of light on the ceiling to ressaltá him. In the photo below, notice how the frames are prominently by directed lighting.


As the lighting is one of the fundamental points for a lovely decoration, do not hesitate to consult an architect or an expert on the subject, in case a database.