How to Teach His Dog to Turn Out the Lights?

A useful and rewarding exercise for your dog: Learn how to turn off the lights!

Learning is the best way to stay young! Ask your dog, he will tell you surely he would learn and understand new tricks every day! Once you teach him all the rounds of base as him sitting, not moving, to the basket, foot, etc. you may miss a little inspiration… Fortunately, Mouss always has good ideas: teach him to turn off the lights!

Before You Teach Your Dog to Turn Off the Lights

This tour is not for a beginner dog! Indeed, it requires some precision and habit learning. To get good results, you should know it is recommended to never stop to teach your dog new tricks. In this way, you stimulate his intelligence and help her to understand his environment.

An intellectual activity, like sport, is a way to stay on top of its capabilities.

Methods to teach your dog to turn off the lights

We get much better results by being encouraging and positive. To teach this turn, choose the positive method: rewards for appropriate behavior, ignorance of the undesired behavior and never punishment.

The clicker will help you a lot to quickly retrieve accurate and sustainable results. By issuing a click each time that your dog takes an initiative which was one you expected, you push to make decisions while keeping an eye on your reaction. It’s an attitude that is constructive and very motivating for him. You get amazing results with this technique.

The Steps to Teach Your Dog to Turn Off the Lights

To teach your dog this tour, count an hour, with at least two breaks. If you see that he needs more time, you can take you several times, useless to dwell too much, at the risk of him demotivated.

Focus to the Wall Where the Switch

Place you standing next to your dog, close to the wall on which is located the switch. At this point, your dog doesn’t know at all what you want to it’s attention. He should not look at you. You should encourage him to look elsewhere. Let some time pass. When by chance her look will be heading the wall, click and reward. At the end of several times, he will understand that it’s to the wall that something is happening.

Show Switch

When the first step is insured, you can move forward. Wait that his gaze is heading specifically the switch to click and reward. From this moment, you don’t reward more than when he looked at the switch.

Quickly enough, he will understand that it is the switch that is the goal.

Touch Switch

As for the previous step, when the switch is well identified, stop reward him when he looks at, wait for him to touch. He’s going to touch with the muzzle and paw. As a first step, you click and reward it in both cases. It’s only once he understood that a contact was necessary that you can start to reward him only when he hit him with the leg.

Associate the Word “Light”

Finally, you can click and reward him when he manages to turn on or turn off the light. If he touches the switch without result, ignore his gesture.

Once he made the link between reward and changing the lamp, you can associate the word “light” with his gesture.

Each of these steps may take more or less time depending on the dogs. Don’t lose patience and take breaks if you see he’s tired!

For rewards, do well to give treats specially designed for dogs. To find some of them on this page.

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