How to Teach Your Dog to Put His Toys Away?

The method to teach your dog to put away his toys as a great!

It’s raining? Your dog running around and looking for a new twist to teach him? Take the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant. After playing well with him, you’re maybe tired of ranger toys or walking on it. And if it was him who had packed his toys? Here are some tips to teach your dog to put his toys away!

The Basics Needed to Teach Your Dog to Put His Toys Away

This round must logically come after other simpler. Indeed, to put his toys away, the dog must appeal to already sophisticated knowledge, as to distinguish his toys of other objects in the room, take them in his mouth (but not to play, this time), and report them in a container provided for this purpose.

If I summarize, to learn how to organize their things, the dog must recognize specific items and respond to “take”, “reports” and “pose”.

The steps to teach your dog to put his toys away

Simple in appearance, this round asks to arm yourself with patience, as several steps can disturb your dog and take more time than you thought.

  • Step 1: Distinguish his toys from other objects: first of all, to the dog has at his disposal a space for play and a case of storage next. You can, at first, teach him words such as “toy”, “ball”, “rope”, etc. Avoid the more words of three syllables to describe his toys. To start, repeat the word when he grasps the object and get its attention on regularly pronouncing the word. Then, say the word and watch his reaction. He must move towards the object in question.
  • Step 2: control of the word “take”. To do this, wait to take an object and say “the ball”, “take the toy”, with encouraging words and hugs. Then, ask him to take a subject he knows well. If he takes it, reward him with hugs and encouraging words.
  • Step 3: “reports” “give”, “range”. Put your hand above the storage drum and ask him to “give” or “report” the toys scattered around. If you see he understood, gradually remove your hand and introduce her to the Fund.
    It is when this step is well understood that you can teach him “put your toys”, in presenting the case of storage and always rewarding it when reacting correctly.

A Few Additional Tips to Teach Your Dog to Put His Toys Away

During steps 1 and 2, it is better to reward the dog with hugs and encouraging words to not get him off the object in the mouth. From step 3, you can give him treats when he asked correctly toys and there free jaw.

In step 3, the dog must give his toy to the outstretched hand. Some dogs may be stressed by this action, for fear that the hand never robs them of their toy. It is important to reassure him and to spend more time on this step.

Finally, whenever a new stage is not understood, there go back to the previous step and consolidate to create a logical link that will allow your dog to overcome stage blocking.

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