How to Tell If Your Dog is Pregnant

Find Out If Your Dog Is Pregnant It Is Important To Adopt Health And Wellness Procedures.

The simplest way to know if your dog is pregnant is to take her to the vet. A blood test, the taking of rectal temperature and x-rays can easily detect if there are “baby on board”. Any non-sterile female can get pregnant from the age of six months (in larger animals, the estrus or heat may take longer).

How to Tell If Your Dog is Pregnant

The cio’s cyclical and is independent of any external factor to begin. The dogs every six or eight months, entering the fertile period and begin to release pheromones that attract males, but cannot be identified by humans.

During the rut, the dogs become more agitated and, in some cases, dengosas and weeping. It’s not a nice period, since animals bleed throughout the period of ovulation (which can last up to three weeks); each ovum mature not fertilized is expelled along with the organic material kept in the womb to allow pregnancy.

Who has no interest in mating the dog and get puppies should look to castrate her before the first heat. In addition to avoid “accidents”, microsurgery reduces the possibility of development of breast tumors to less than 0.5%. The percentage of risk when castration occurs later increases to 8%.

During the rut, the dog’s vulva is swollen and apparently many females start to walk with the tail up or bent to one side. The bleeding begins early in the period and it is common for them to lick himself more often.

Signs Of Canine Pregnancy

Even without veterinary evaluation, it is possible to know if the dog is pregnant. There are signs to show that the dog is pregnant. The first sign of pregnancy is reduced appetite or disinterest by feed or by favorite snacks. Dogs “pidonas” no longer surround the dining table in times of meals.

This symptom is also common among women in early pregnancy.

After four weeks, however, the morning sickness goes away and the dog back to show appetite. By the end of the pregnancy, she will probably require more food than usual, in order to feed the pups that are growing. It is also natural that the voracity becomes unusual.

Males, especially young ones, can be drawn from long distance by the cio of the universe. Who lives in house can witness for several days a real meeting of dogs at the gate. A dog’s pregnant seven to ten days, however, reject the approach of dogs – sometimes with fury, which can generate serious assaults.

The pregnancy of the universe lasts an average of nine weeks, but then in the early days it is possible to check that the vagina begins to excrete a whitish substance and the nipples become more visible: is nature providing for the future mother has enough milk to feed their young.

Changes in behavior can also indicate a pregnancy. Usually active dogs who are apathetic might be expecting puppies. They can also display symptoms of discomfort, malaise, unusual restlessness, inattention, slowness and energy.

The abdomen of a pregnant dog becomes progressively more prominent. This is a signal more easily identifiable in the esgalgadas races (like the dachshund, Greyhound and whippet); the dogs more “plump” the belly only reveals itself in the middle of pregnancy, when it is possible to even touch the pups individually.

Even if any of these signs become evident, with the advancement of pregnancy – the fifth week onwards-the females become more delicate, sentimental and tend to spend a lot of time in isolation, without seeking the attention of the owners. The increase in periods of sleep can also signal for a possible pregnancy.

At the end of pregnancy, it is natural to note the difficulty of movement of dogs. Even though the number of puppies being generated is small, almost always the future mother is carrying a weight superior to her. If you have a bed, the dog will be gradually more time in bed. Otherwise, if you don’t have a placeholder, she will look for a “nest” to wrap up the Cubs who are on their way.

If the dog has signs of pregnancy, it is necessary to search for veterinarian assistance as soon as possible. She may have some problems or you need any supplements of vitamins and minerals for the proper development of the puppies.

Hysterical Pregnancy

This is a very common process among the dogs. The most common symptoms are changes in behavior and milk production, which reaches the drain of the breasts. Most experts consider the hysterical pregnancy normal, but there are some risks, such as the development of treat mastitis (painful inflammation of the nipples).

The hysterical pregnancy of dogs usually occur between six and 12 weeks after the heat. A simple procedure can interrupt the problem is a fast 24 hours followed by gradual increase of feed offering. This is because, in situations of famine, the organism of the universe naturally stops the production of milk.

Sterilized dogs do not present a hysterical pregnancy. This is a simple surgery, which involves removal of the uterus and the ovaries. Castration prevents infections and the development of tumors derived from estrogen (produced by the ovaries).

The birth control pills increase the risk. The medicines known as progesterônios should only be administered with expert guidance. In the case of a hysterical pregnancy is established, it may be necessary to use an Elizabethan collar (that “lamp” placed around his neck), to prevent the female can lick the breasts, a process that stimulates milk production.