How to Walk an Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhounds are known for their slight stature and thin frames. The Houdini of the world of dog, these petite satellites are known for slipping out of traditional collars and run at high speeds. This can lead to potentially catastrophic consequences and can cause a pretty big dilemma for owners of dogs. However, the Italian greyhound lovers can rest assured that this problem can be alleviated by proper use of what is known as Martingale lead.

Things You’ll Need:

Martingale lead

Show More Instructions:

Measure your dog’s neck with a flexible measuring tape and buy Martingale lead to match this measurement. Most Italian greyhound size of door between 7 “and 10”.

Order your Martingale lead from sites like Hound clothes or Northwind Whippets and collars. (Follow the links in Resources.) Martingale waters are not easily found in stores.

Slip the loop over the leading Martingale Italian greyhound nose and ears over until it forms a collar around the dog’s neck.

Pull the length of the guide so tightens noose tighter around the neck.

Use the length of the leadership of a guide dog, as you would with a traditional leash.

When the dog pulls or tries to get away, the cycle will tighten around his neck and pulling him down further. Before you know it, your Italian Greyhound will no longer try to pull or slip away.