How to Warm up the Pet

The winter is getting closer and the cold weather could mean trouble for the pet. Just like us, the pets also suffer with the cold and need to be bundled up correctly. Dr. Isabella Vincolletto, veterinary Vetnil lab, explains what must be done so that your pet will be comfortable and warm:

Basic care

According to the vet, it is important that the owners avoid putting the animal exposed to cold and moisture: “you must avoid excessive baths during winter. When the shower happens, the ideal is to always use warm water and find the hottest times. Check out other tips. Isabella:

-The tours should happen during the hottest hours;

-Avoid all too low;

-Provide a suitable shelter to the pet, so that protection against the rain and winds;

-For anyone who has cats, owners should hit the hood of the car to get out of the House, because cats seek shelter in these places during the cold;

-For the birds, the important thing is to cover the cage with a cloth during the night, never leaving them out of a shelter that the protect of wind and rain.

Canine clothing

Many owners like to put clothes on dogs to protect them from the cold. However, if your clothes get very tight or very wide, can harm a pet’s movement. “In this age of winter, it’s interesting short-haired animals or small breeds, that really ‘ tremble from the cold ‘, use some kind of clothes, but nothing overwhelming. The adorner can be used as long as it doesn’t hurt the movement or disturb the animal. If it does not fit the clothes, an alternative is to try to keep it in your House or own Cot, which can be lined with some protection or doily the animal like, “says the vet.

Suitable location

Many owners are accustomed to sleep with their pets, but this can become a nuisance during the winter. “In some situations the owners can spend some nights maldormidas, because the pet may want to ‘ steal ‘ the bed. Ideally, if the owner wants the animal is close to him during the night, is to book a place in the fourth with a walk or a blanket. With that, the pet understands that your presence is welcome, but the leader is the owner, “explains the expert.

The animals are accustomed to routine and the duty of the owner is to book a place in the House where he can accommodate every day. “One must book a place in the House to sleep, leaving time in the same place the belongings of the pet. It helps educate the animal. For pets that are out of the House, the important thing is that the owner check the condition of the shelter offered, if there are holes or holes that provide water or wind power “, he adds. Ideally, these measures are taken from a pup, as the pet gets used more easily and creates routine habits.

The influence?

It is common to find that dogs feel less cold to be very hairy. However, some breeds can suffer from low temperatures. “The small breed dogs, as Maltese, poodle and Yorkshire and for short, as the Pinchers, can Yes shivering. Breeds adapted to cold as the Saint Bernard and the Siberian Husky are less prone to this storm, especially here in Brazil, “the doctor. The same goes for Kittens: the shorter the hair, the colder they feel.