Information About Croquettes Calibra Dog!

A new brand of kibble to discover: Calibra and its ranges adapted for dog!

You have not yet found the perfect kibble for your dog? And there is anxiety: how to navigate among all brands and all ranges? We grant you, is not an easy task! To help you, we regularly introduce new brands and their range: composition, for which dog, price, today it is the Calibra brand that interests us!

Presentation of the Brand Calibra

Calibra is a brand that is available among veterinarians and the Internet, unlike others who are also in pet store or supermarket. It is a brand with goals very focused on the health of the animals.

No promises of flavor or unforgettable experience for your dog, speaking directly to his nutritional needs. Somehow it’s reassuring!

On the lists of ingredients, in fact, animal proteins are the first ingredient on the croquettes. Rice or corn are most represented cereals, that there is no risk of allergy to gluten with these nuggets.

Nutrients are always added and an explanation is given for each difference between such or such type of kibble. In short, it’s a good sign, one has the impression that specialists actually direct the composition of croquettes.

The therapeutic range must be prescribed by a veterinarian because it is specific to meet very specific health problems.

The different ranges of the Brand of kibble Calibra

Nuggets brand Calibra fall into several categories. The first is pretty standard, but the second is specific to this brand.

Physiological Range

This range also includes several subcategories:

  • Puppies: 5 products in this very rich in protein range to make the most accurate possible choices for young dogs according to their race. Animal proteins are abundant and the size of the kibble is adapted to the size of the breed. It’s better for digestion.
  • Adults: 4 products distributed by size of the breed. Nutrients allow to manage the weight issues related to each type of size.
  • Specific: composed of 6 different products. Light to manage existing weight problems, Senior, to maintain the muscle mass and bone density without weight gain, Energy and Mobility, for dogs who need to spend on a regular and intensive, very rich in protein and nutrients and products for dogs with allergies or intolerances: rice and lamb and potato salmon. Without soy, gluten or wheat, they offer alternatives in case of difficult digestion.

Therapeutic Range

In this range, it is by sick body that foods are organized.

Obesity and diabetes, gastrointestinal and Pancreas, hypoallergenic, hepatic, Renal, liver and heart and urinary system: Struvite and Oxalate, to reduce the risk of recurrence of calculations. Each of these ranges is very specifically designed to meet the basic needs and treat or avoid the advertised problem.

Price of the kibble Calibra

Calibra is a premium brand, which requires a relatively high cost. To choose the product that best suits your dog, your veterinarian will be your best partner and will help you find the most suitable product. After, feel free to keep these references to do your shopping on the internet and save! In fact, visit the official site Calibra right here !

Several sizes of bags between 2kg and 12kg are sold. On average, a kilo of kibble costs between 3 and €5.

Comment on Calibra kibble For Dog

Your dog is fed with Calibra? What do you think of their quality? The price? Different ranges?

Feel free to testify further down in the comments to inform other pups on the pros and cons of feeding Calibra!

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