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Reconnect with his Hunter instincts, learn about dog sport: Field Trial!

Birds, cats, rabbits: he hunts everything that moves and walks are a little sports? And if you register it in the Field Trial, a dog sport dedicated to hunting, its rules and its discipline? This canaliserait his Hunter instincts and give you tools to effectively master when he decided to pursue the unfortunate cat of the neighbor! You want to know more? Then here is an article for you!

Description of the Field Trial

The Field Trial is a sport that caters to dogs belonging to races of hunters. These dogs often have behaviors that remind of the activities for which they were selected. The Field Trial to reconnect these instincts with a regular, disciplined and rewarding practice for the dog as for his master.

It is a sport of British origin, which among other things allows the selection of breeders of race, putting the values of their qualities of speed and pace and effectiveness.

Tests requested for a Field Trial competition

The Field Trial is divided into three disciplines. They are not necessarily the same dogs.

  • The great quest: this discipline is reserved to only British dogs. It’s a test team on not from partridges. Two dogs and two drivers have to prove themselves. The capacity for coordination of the team is just as much observed that the qualities of each dog individually.
  • Spring and summer hunting quest: this concerns also the hounds outside Great Britain. This search is performed on game that can be dropped if necessary. Dogs participate solo or Duet.
  • Search for fall hunting: she plays with dogs solo or Duet. Used game is exclusively natural and it is generally fired during the test.

During the trials, all the dogs are carefully observed by the members of the jury. Courage, obedience, attention to orders are all positives. On the other hand, other behaviors lead to penalties: fear, barking, distraction, aggressiveness, deterioration of the game to report, or do his needs on the ground. Some of these behaviors are playoff if they are characterized.

Finally, don’t be surprised: British and continental breeds do not contribute in the same categories.

Conduct of a Contest of Field Trial

Only associations registered with the Kennel Club and authorized by the latter may organize a Field Trial. As for all competitions, there are different levels. As a first step, in France (the organization is not the same from one country to another), the dog must get the TAN (Test of natural ability), a first competition based on the natural qualities of the dog. This is to ensure that the dog has the instinct of quest, the instinct downtime and a balanced character allowing him to endure the shots.

In a contest, we’ll find casting order, stop, search and events of calm in the face of gunfire.

Between the quest for hunting in the summer and fall, the vegetation and the behavior of the game are different. The dog must be able to develop effective strategies to stop the birds.

Where Practice Field Trial?

All dogs can train, but only stop dogs will be allowed to compete. Moreover, before entering the Field Trial techniques, the dog must already have been trained in techniques to stop. It is a professional dog trainer who can then determine whether he is fit to compete and who will take charge of training. The Field Trial is an elitist sport!

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