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Looking for complicity and thrills with your dog? Discover the canine ROI!

Back to school, the time of resolutions and your young dog is full of energy. Looking for an activity that canaliserait concentration and you bring in common challenges? Do you know the ROI? The International competition rules is a demanding sport but who never loses sight of the good mood and the pleasure of each. I have piqued your interest? Then it is!

Description of the Canine RCI

These are our German friends who created it in the nineteenth century. This discipline is open to all breeds of dogs allowed to the bite, but it must be recognized at the present time, think in clear majority of the Malinois and German shepherds. There, to attend, be equipped with CSAU (the sociability and ability to use certificate) and the certificate of RCI.

Divided into 3 levels so the first is accessible from the age of 14 months, the second in 16 months and the third to 20 months, the RCI plays at the national and international level.

The German equivalent: the international examination (more simply IP) is renamed as the discipline of defence (Schutzhund) is distinguished by the World Union of German Shepherd.

For education, the ROI is a very good teaching method because training is done in a good mood and exercises must lead to a precise obedience but not submission.

Tests requested for the canine RCI

The tests are divided into three categories: tracking, obedience and defence. Each has a number of specific events that vary in number and difficulty depending on the level RCI 1, 2 or 3.

Concretely, the tracking is divided into two events: track holding, whose number of angles and distances increase over levels and 3 objects of increasing weight report.

Obedience note on 8 to 10 events with detail between each level of ROI and involving the tracking leash, report object, standing sex, escalation of Palisade with object report object sending, couhe free with diversion.

The defense is always an impressive discipline. In collaboration with an assistant and under the judge’s instructions, exercises of Barking and confrontation, the dog attack, escape from the wizard, search for hidden objects, defense of the master, driving back, courage can be found.

During these tests, the scoring criteria take into account all the attitude and the accuracy of the actions of the dog.

Conduct of a Canine Contest of RCI

The contest is open to dogs in good health and with the above permissions. Females in heat can compete from last.

Each discipline is scored out of 100. A percentage is attributed to the dog based on its results. From 50%, he gets the “good” mention. Over 75% it is excellent.

Where to Practice Dog ROI in France?

To learn the canine RCI in good conditions, it is better to look for a dog training club who have already achieved good results in competitions. We now find the results on the internet and each club publishes his in general!
There are many clubs with a Web site, to get acquainted with the philosophy of coaches before making contact!

Price of a Club For the Canine RCI Membership

The price of the subscription, as with many human activities, has year-round. Often, the clubs offer a price per person with a supplement if you want to enter more than one dog with the master.

On average, expect 90 to €140 per person year. Special courses exist, but they are more expensive (between 40 and €100 the hour).

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