Information About the Blue Tongue in Dogs!

Understand the phenomenon of blue language and react to save your dog to more quickly!

Have this normal, blue – tongue? As a general rule, for humans as for the dogs, this isn’t very good, but there are exceptions! If the language of your dog turns blue, there are some questions for you to quickly review and assess the seriousness of the situation before calling your vet. That’s what we’ll actually see now!


Breeds of Dog to Blue Tongue

Very few breeds have a naturally blue tongue. The Chow-Chow, some Shar-Peï and individuals having a dog to blue tongue among their ancestors: there are the only dogs likely to have Bluetongue is problematic.

Ask yourself the reason for this color, if it is due to the presence of more important than for other breeds of pigmentation, which darkens the skin of the oral mucosa, giving them this bluish more or less pronounced.

Causes of the Blue Tongue

Dogs that are not affected by pigmentation, to know that the body without oxygen, more the blue color will be marked. It is therefore a problem of oxygenation of the body.

Bluetongue is before all a symptom of something more serious. It can appear gradually, which suggests that there is a chronic disease, such as cyanosis.

  • Central cyanosis: caused by a dysfunction of the heart or lungs.
  • Peripheral cyanosis: the legs and the ends being less well oxygenated by small vessels become blue and cold when the dog is cold.

If the problem occurs quickly, in a few minutes, this means it breathe properly because the dog is in urgent need:

  • air does not suit him where
  • his collar is too tight
  • he swallowed something that stuck in his windpipe

Illness or accident, the veterinarian is the caller to contact the more fast !

What to Do If Blue Language?

The first two acts to have: the cause and call the nearest clinic. If possible, get out the dog of its environment, loosen his collar and see inside his mouth if something is stuck.

Listen to her breathing: if she is panting and that he pulls the language or if it is blocked and wheezing, the faster the sunset on the side. Lying on the side, he will breathe a little easier, but it’s just a way to save you some time.

Do not allow the dog to recover and if the vet is unable to move in person, take the dog keeping it always extended in lateral position. Especially do not have do drink or eat because you may make the situation worse.

Respiratory distress can quickly lead to death of the animal, do not underestimate the gravity of the situation, even if the dog is young and in good health.

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