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Dog Chow nuggets we vote for or against? Lift the leg!

Continue to explore together the Galaxy of the kibble for dogs. In this article, we will look at the kibble Dog Chow. With its attractive program and its promise for the health of dogs, this range of the Purina brand had attracted my curiosity. Then, finally of the kibble to make dogs happy? Let’s find out!

Presentation of the Range of Kibble Dog Chow

Dog Chow is produced by the Purina brand, well known veterinarians and owners of dogs in France. They offer a wide range of products on several types of quality. For more than 80 years, they took a real place on the market of the kibble for dogs and cats and have established itself as interlocutors and to follow the changes in demand.

Precisely, now, many masters complain of digestive and skin problems that poor diet causes in their dogs. Food intolerances, overweight, malnutrition: Dog Chow is one of the responses proposed by Purina to solve these problems.

Made in Britain, the range boasts of offering local food produced from natural ingredients and quality.

The different ranges of kibble Dog Chow

All products of Dog Chow have in common chicory. Its prebiotic action promotes a good intestinal flora.

Dog Chow Puppy Food

Know as you, growing puppies needa particularly rich diet, Mouss already told us.

  • Purina Dog Chow Puppy Large Breed Turkey croquettes: for large breeds, there will be still more nutritious food. These croquettes are intended also to mothers during gestation and lactation, before be given to puppies themselves. On the menu: protein for growth, fat to develop the brain.
  • Purina Dog Chow Puppy with rice, and either chicken or lamb. Here, we find more or less the same nutrients, with vitamin E in addition to the immune system and skin.

Chow Adult Dog Dry Food

Not particularly original compared to other croquettes, this range consists of chicken or rice and lamb croquettes: Purina Dog Chow Adult. Amino acids and vitamin A that are added are used to ensure the functioning of the heart and the view.

The Purina Dog Chow Large Breed Turkey are intended for the large dogs whose needs are most important.

Kibble Dog Chow Adult specific

To meet the growing needs of dogs, this range offers:

  • Purina Dog Chow Adult Sensitive salmon: For dogs with digestive problems. The salmon is presented as more easy to digest and fatty acids need to enhance the beauty of the hair.
  • Purina Dog Chow Adult Light Turkey: to help overweight dogs to find the line.
  • Purina Dog Chow Active chicken for the working dogs or dogs, with a lot of protein and fats.

Dog Food For Senior Dogs

Purina Dog Chow Mature Adult Chicken: fat limited, acidic amino to the heart, the goal is to keep healthy dogs.

Overall good quality, I wonder a bit on the predominance of the grain in the ingredients: they can irritate the digestive system of some dogs, and on the quality of animal protein, “meat and animal by-products” is not necessarily the best source.

Price of the Kibble Dog Chow

Found on internet at very advantageous prices in 14 kg bags. For € 30 or € 33, or less than 2.15 or 2.35 euros per kilo!

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Give Your Opinion on the Dog Chow Dog Food

Your dog is fed with Dog Chow? What do you think of their quality? The price? Different ranges?

Feel free to testify further down in the comments to inform other pups on the pros and cons of feeding Dog Chow!

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