Information About the Dry Keratoconjunctivitis in Dogs?

A disease of the eyes to know: the keratoconjunctivitis dry dog!

The dry Keratoconjunctivitis is a disease that attacks the eyes of dogs. Your pooch is the Apple of your eye? So take care of hers! How to recognize? What is the origin? What risks runs a dog of keratoconjunctivitis dry? But above all, what treatments are available?


Symptoms of Dry Keratoconjunctivitis

As often, which is essential in humans is in the dog. Here, I want to talk about the tears. They moisturize and clean the eye and disinfect him thousands of times a day.

If the gland that produces work well, dries up the cornea of the eye and the eye quickly is in danger. How realize you that your dog is too dry eyes?

  • The eye is red and your dog shows signs of pain: blink of eyes, rubbing of the eyes with the legs.
  • Especially in the morning, the eye is covered of mucus or pus infection. It has a dirty appearance permanently.
  • The eye is dull. Is either sharp nor brilliant. The cornea becomes irregular, it may take blue and greyish or black reflections.
  • The truffle remains always dry

These symptoms must alert you as they announce more serious term for the eyes.

Causes of Dry Keratoconjunctivitis

The disease is relatively common, and its causes are multiple. Certain breeds of dogs are more vulnerable than others: small dogs, Cocker, and especially the brachycephalic breeds (with a very short snout).

Among the possible causes:

  • Immune (80% of cases): an autoimmune reaction pushes the antibodies to tackle the lacrimal gland until its destruction.
  • Congenital: an abnormality in the development of the embryo which develops with a lacrimal gland absent or failing.
  • Aging: the gland re-designed gradually more and more.
  • Hormonal imbalance: for dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease or diabetes
  • General health: distemper or leishmaniasis for example
  • Drug treatment: a long course of antibiotics to basis of sulfonamides or the antiepileptics
  • Traumatic/neurological cause: trauma can cause paralysis of nerves or important conjunctivitis, creating favourable conditions for the installation of a dry keratoconjunctivitis.

Risks Incurred By the Dog

Early symptoms, the dog feels a gene that comes quickly at the levels of eye pain.

Chronic pain, conjunctivitis repeatedly await your dog if the problem is rooted. However, ultimately he risk a very important reduction in vision. In the case of superinfection, an ulcer can start digging the cornea. The risk then becomes very serious: perforation of the cornea.

The Keratoconjunctivitis Treatment Dry

Depending on the causes and the severity of the dry keratoconjunctivitis, the treatment proposed by the veterinarian will be different. It is very possible that the treatment is for life. I propose to make the tour of possible solutions:

  • An ophthalmic ointment of cyclosporine to stop the process of destruction of the lacrimal gland, stimulate the production of tears and mitigate the risk of infection. Used for autoimmune causes.
  • The substitute of tears: several times a day, as long as the gland is not healthy (sometimes for life)
  • To treat substantial infections to the dry keratoconjunctivitis, gels and antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. In addition to the ophthalmic ointments.
  • Surgery: in the case of ulcer, Pigmented cornea or dry keratoconjunctivitis unrelieved by conventional treatments. In the latter case, it diverts a salivary canal to moisten the eye naturally.

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