Information About the Operation of a Hemimandibulectomie in the Dog!

Everything to know about the hemimandibulectomie, a rostral operation in dogs!

With the lengthening of the life expectancy of dogs, some pathologies, such as cancer, are more common. Cancer of the oral cavity is part of this. Fortunately, the veterinary surgery offers operations to give all chances to our beloved pooches. This is the case of the hemimandibulectomie, a surgery that I will introduce.


Why Is the Hemimandibulectomie Necessary?

The mandibulectomie is considered when tests have detected a benign tumor or malignant at the oral level. There are several types of mandibulectomies, each of which has for goal to cut a specific part of the mouth with a tumor.

You can also proceed to a mandibulectomie in the case of certain fractures of the mandible which cannot repair itself correctly.

The hemimandibulectomie, that’s when you cut a part of the jaw. Most often, it was decided to use when a tumor is installed in the gums and she is tangled between the roots. It is not possible to simply remove and if we let the tumor, it may grow, create metastasis and cause very great suffering in dogs who can more quickly to feed correctly. There is also the risk of ulcer infection becomes very important, increasing the risk to the health of the dog.

Development of the Operation?

After a series of tests to determine the location, nature and size of the tumor, an appointment at the clinic for the operation.

The dog must come on an empty stomach because the operation is going under general anesthesia.

Once asleep, put the dog on the operating table and we shave half side of the face that will undergo the operation.

A step of a donkey is installed to keep the mouth open and a tracheal probe is inserted into the throat. After having disinfected, an incision in the corner of the mouth. Then, you must prepare the tissue for the section of part of the jaw. The tendons and muscles are cut and the nerves and blood vessels are ligated. You can disengage the bony part at the level of the joint.

After sutured all fabrics, a large scar is sewn and you escalate the commissure to the level of the second Premolar to allow the language to stay at his place. She may slip slightly to half of Jaw surgery, which is not dangerous. The dog will have a slightly less symmetrical face, but in terms of comfort, it will get used very quickly and will be able to lead a normal life again.

It will still eat soft foods during the days following the operation and until the scars are well healed.

The Price of the Operation For a Hemimandibulectomie?

As often when it comes to operations, you only pay only the surgical Act. There are screenings, consultation, anesthesia, the surgery and post-operative care.

Prices vary widely from one region to another, however, to give you an idea, you can expect a total of between 650 and 950. If you have insurance for your dog, quickly get in touch with them so that they can study as soon as possible the possibilities of refund to which you are entitled!

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