Information About the Operation of a Hemipelvectomy in Dogs!

Everything there is to know about the operation of a hemipelvectomy in dogs!

With age, your dog gains wisdom, what is nice, but it may also meet more health problems. In case of tumor around the femur, it is possible that the veterinarian announce that needed a hemipelvectomy… But what is it? We will explain what to know about this operation.


Why Do a Hemipelvectomy?

Rest assured, this is not very common. It is proposed to hemipelvectomy when we found a malignant tumor on the proximal femur or pelvis bone with certainty.

It can also happen to talk in cases of serious and non repairable, fracture with consequences too debilitating for the dog. Finally, but this is very rare, in the case of recurrent osteomyelites, IE infections inside the bone.

During a hemipelvectomy we realize 3 osteotomies. An osteotomy is when we cut a long bone to rectify the axis, size or shape to restore a balance. Here, then, 3 bones are affected.

Before prescribing this operation, the veterinarian must do many tests to identify the nature of the tumor, its position and its size and make sure that the dog is in condition to withstand anesthesia.

The Operation For a Hemipelvectomy

Indeed, the hemipelvectomy can be done under general anesthesia because it is a heavy operation.

Your pooch happens the morning on an empty stomach, where the previous evening to spend the night under observation. He is asleep and anesthetized and after having shaved hair on the basin and the affected leg, the skin is thoroughly disinfected.

Practiced once the incision, the goal is to reach the pubic bone, the ischiatic arcade and the plugged foramen. To prepare them for the osteotomy. This, to free them from the tissues that surround them: muscles and nerves mostly in this area which is specially irrigated by vessels. Be very careful the sciatic nerve which is very close.

Once the os has been severed, isolate the veins, arteries and nerves that need to be ligated or cut to fit the axis in which the bones will be placed with their new dimensions.

The closure of the wound occurs in several steps and a drain is installed to facilitate the evacuation of the liquids in the days following the operation.

Suites of a Hemipelvectomy in Dogs

Complications are very rare. However, just after the operation, the dog receives analgesic doses and it is kept under observation some time, particularly to monitor the production of the drain which is anyway removed within five days following the operation.

Even if your dog should be able to slowly get back on his paws within 48 h after the operation, he’ll need some time to adapt and to re-educate the new situation! No need to provide for a marathon in the coming days!

Price of a Hemipelvectomy in Dogs

Like any surgery is heavy, the hemipelvectomy assumes enough high fees.

Between preparatory examinations, post-operative anaesthesia, intervention, the stay in the clinic and care, it would be difficult to envisage under € 500, €750 being more likely.

This is the time to contact your canine health insurance if you have one for her to tell what she can support to help you to incur this expense !

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