Information About the Operation of a Stenosis of the Nostrils in the Dog!

Info and process of the operation of a stenosis of the nostrils in the dog!

With the crushed nose dogs are more likely to suffer from stenosis of the nostrils at some point in their lives. The challenge for you is to realize that he suffers and have good reflexes to relieve him and allow him to return soon to a happy existence. The operation is necessary and effective and we’re going right to highlight this concern for health!


Why Make the Stenosis of the Nostrils in Dogs?

Stenosis of the nostrils is a typical problem of the swarthy. Don’t worry, the brachycephalic is not an ancient monster nor a disease! This word that scares simply refers to the crushed nose dogs. The Bulldogs, for example!

Stenosis of the nostrils, this is what happens when the nostrils of these dogs close. The logical result: considerable respiratory discomfort.

How to detect stenosis of the nostrils in dogs? First of all by the observation. Well open nostrils or nostrils all closed, this can be seen.

Other symptoms are are added:

  • Very loud snoring
  • Shortness of breath exaggerated after only a few minutes of effort

The problem is often accompanied by a soft palate too thick, which results in:

  • A frequent food regurgitation
  • Frequent crises of strangulation

These problems may seem benign at first, but if nothing is done, complications can arise, especially for the heart. In addition to the risk to life, for your dog, already in the short term, it is very uncomfortable for him.

The Operation of the Stenosis of the Nostrils in the Dog

The diagnosis is quite simple for the veterinarian. Whether the stenosis is severe or not, the only way to stop is to conduct surgery under general anesthesia.

As there is no emergency, you can make an appointment on a day where you will have time to drop off and pick up your dog in the best conditions without too much stress for you.

Who says anesthesia General said “sober”! Your dog arrives on an empty stomach. At best, a small bowl of water will be tolerated. The operation takes place at the level of the nostril, and you find your dog groggy, with stitches and a prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory to follow for a few days. It is not a very delicate procedure, but the dog will no doubt in the days following big scabs that will appear.

It is only after a few days rest, wet dog food and drugs that the improvement will be visible.

Price of An Operation of Stenosis of the Nostrils in the Dog

Veterinary surgery always assumes a cost on which it is not always reasonable to crop, because this can be done at the expense of your little friend!

Here, it is an intervention with date of diagnosis, general anesthesia, then surgery. In general, the dog stays all day under observation, you get it back at night.

For all these services, it takes between 450 and €600.

If you have a canine mutual, let her so she can keep you abreast of possible refunds according to your contract.

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