Information About the Operation of An Anal Sacculectomie in Dogs!

Tips on maintenance of the anal glands in dog and treatment of infections!

You think you know everything about your dog? And yet yesterday you didn’t know he has anal glands. Let’s be honest, we speak every day! On the other hand, it is better know and care to avoid serious inconvenience to our beloved pooches!


The Anal Glands in Dogs

Inherited from their ancestors, dogs have two anal bags that contain and secrete a substance intended to mark their territory. Today, dogs have kept the habit of marking their territory, but they do more intensively than before.

However, these glands are still there and they fill up regularly. They need to be emptied regularly as to work properly. In normal times, there’s no problem, but sometimes outside factors come obstruct the perianals ducts. And this is where it gets tricky sometimes, because the obstruction of the anal glands often leads to infection of the latter!

Causes of obstruction of the anal glands

Several factors can cause the obstruction of the anal glands in the dog. We must remain attentive to the onset of symptoms, because your dog may actually suffer when things go wrong!

Some causes are well known veterinarians: spikelet (well Yes, they are found, these terrible spikelets !), parasitic intestinal (some intestinal worms are expelled in the form of segments of the size of a grain of rice that sometimes get stuck in the pipes), irritation or wound, a bag of anal or a perianal gland tumor.

Moreover, the anal area is wet, hot and little ventilated when the base of the tail in too close East, infections proliferate easily as soon as something “hangs” in the operation.

Risks Related to the Obstruction of the Anal Glands

Initially, when you see your dog “to make the sled”, IE forward sitting in is pulling on the front legs, it’s an itching and burning that it tries to appease.

If he licks a lot and often and begins to find it difficult to defecate, you approach a risk of ulcer or abscess. If it is a tumor, the risk can quickly become, as if the dog is no longer able to properly eliminate the stool, there is a risk of bowel obstruction.

Conduct of the Anal Sacculectomie in Dogs

It’s a very delicate to realize. Indeed, in this area, the nerve endings and blood vessels are very numerous and very thin. Improper handling can lead to irreversible damage.

It offers the sacculectomie as a last resort, when the drug treatment has failed or in case of cancer.

The sacculectomie is to cut the anal sacks. This is a very technical operation, is often used to very specific tools, such as the electric knife, laser or cryosurgery (use of cold).

Price of a Sacculectomie

As you may have guessed, the sacculectomie is a very delicate operation. She asked an experienced veterinarian and high tech equipment. Contrary to what one might believe (the anal glands, it is not vital!), this operation is not trivial due to the very sensitive area.

For these reasons, intervention, can cost between 200 and €300, what to add the price of anesthesia, consultation and post-operative care.

To ensure the best follow-up to your dog, contact to the faster your health insurance if you have one!

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