Information About the Operation of the Superficial Flexor Tendon of Fingers in the Dog!

Operation of the superficial flexor tendon of fingers in the dog as a result of a dislocation.

Dogs life unfortunately isn’t a good time every day. Among the health problems it may face, consider the operation of the superficial flexor tendon of fingers as a result of a dislocation.


Why Operate the Superficial Flexor Tendon of Fingers?

In very active dogs, as for example the hunting dogs, there is a greater risk of dislocation factor that may cause injury in the superficial tendon of fingers. Indeed, the dog is digitigrade, i.e. it works on his fingers. His tendons are complex and wear can be a partial rupture of the tendon.

When your dog begins to limp, always watch it carefully. If the dog begins to lower his heel and walk flat or if the fingers curl up, absolutely you must go to a vet as soon as possible.

This type of injury does not only heal, and permitting the rest to relieve the dog and to avoid the problem, it will not allow to solve.

The Operation of the Superficial Flexor Tendon of Finger

The diagnosis is as always a crucial first step to get an idea of the necessary care. The intervention surgical, indispensable for all the problems of tendons is not the same according to the affected tendon and the extent of the injury.

The case is more complex if the animal suffers from Cushing’s syndrome because its chances of recovery will be reduced and the risk of relapse acrus. In other cases, surgery is usually followed by an optimistic prognosis.

During the intervention, we suture tendons to be able to link them and a ligament prosthesis may be necessary. In some cases, it’s on the bone itself that the stitches will be anchored.

Anyway, after the surgery, the dog found yet its flexibility and agility. It takes another 6-8 weeks of convalescence for the tendon heals.

It is common that the veterinarian installs a splint or an external fixator to hold the leg in the correct position during the recovery period.

Price of the Operation of the Superficial Flexor Tendon Of Finger

As so often, surgery in dogs, means a significant cost. It is important then to accept care as a whole at the time where the veterinarian explain, because if you delay them, you may be faced with later more importantly charges and an emergency. Please keep in mind that your dog is suffering and that his well-being is a priority.

With a very good success rate, a properly conducted operation and a respected convalescence will not be tracked of additional expenses and your dog will find his joy of living.

The price of the operation, if one takes into account the consultation, diagnosis, preparatory care, intervention and care after the operation may be between 400 and 900 depending on the area where you are and the equipment available to the veterinarian.

If you have a mutual, Please quickly contact them for support and financial relief. You will then consider with serenity the operation waiting for your dog and may be at his side without stress.

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