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This isn’t because he is gentle as a lamb that your pooch is more carnivorous! You have read the classic dog food ingredients and still looking for meat? This is Platinum, a brand that really puts meat into his kibble! And if you want to know more, it’s immediately!

Presentation of the Brand of Kibble Platinum

The Platinum brand occupies the top of the pad of the kibble for dogs. Several good practices set apart them and makes it a really interesting brand.

They offer a wet food and dry food: kibble. However, their cakes are cooked slowly at low temperatures, which avoids the destruction of the nutrients and amino acids.

In addition, sensitive to the problems posed by the presence of gluten, indigestible to many dogs, Platinum offers only gluten recipes, which the carbs are made by rice, corn or potatoes.

Vegetables and vegetable oils provide omega and antioxidants, and herbs make everything tasty, without flavor, neither conservatives nor colorants enhancers.

Proteins, are very good because the food is made up of 70% fresh meat and no animal by-products.

Result, these Nuggets are quick and easy to digest, which particularly suited to large dogs whose fragile stomach needs time to break more or less long after the meal to avoid twisting or turning of the stomach.

The different ranges of the Platinum brand

It is all well and good, but between a puppy and an adult, it does not eat the same! And also different needs between small and large breeds!

  • Platinum Puppy is a range of chicken, with 73% fresh meat, for growing puppies, who need a lot of protein and small tender bites to be beautiful and strong! This range is also suitable for dogs belonging to a breed of small size, provided that right amount portions.
  • For adults, there are three product lines. Insofar as all are gluten-free and omega for the care of the skin and the hair, we can consider that the choice is rather the food preferences of the dog itself:

-Platinum Lamb and Rice
-Platinum Chicken, with 70% of chicken
-Platinum Iberico and Greens, to 70% of Iberian pork and vegetables, including potatoes. No seeds.

All the products of the different ranges contain dried fish, and herbs to the many virtues.

Foods are complete, which means that in equal amounts, the nutrition is more important. If you don’t adapt the quantity, it may take the weight.

Price of the Platinum Dog Food

Like all the cakes of very good quality, they have a somewhat higher than average cost. However, it must take into account the savings made on the quantity:

the daily dose is less important, a package so lasts longer!

Platinum Nuggets are sold by 50g pouches sold individually or in a group, or by bags of 1, 5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, or even, for the farms, 150kg!

For a package of 50g, count € 0.9 to 1 bag, 5kg, between € 15 and € 19.5, to 5kg, from € 32 to € 38.8, for 10kg, from €54 to €68, for 15kg, from € 66 to €86 and finally between 600 and €800 to 150kg!

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Give Your Opinion on the Platinum Dog Food

Your dog is fed with Platinum? What do you think of their quality? The price? Different ranges?

Feel free to testify further down in the comments to inform other pups on the advantages and disadvantages of the Platinum power!

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