Information For Travel By Boat with His Dog!

Tips for a peaceful journey with his dog on a boat!

The holidays are an opportunity to experience new adventures, so why not a boat ride? Cruise or crossing, how to ensure that your pet is also welcome to share this new experience with you? The dogs have the marine paw or does it prepare them for the trip? Mouss tells you everything about travel on a boat with your dog!

Prepare a Crossing By Boat with His Dog

Whether in France to reach an island or to cross a border, a crossing with a dog cannot be improvised. Each company indeed, its rules as she wants. Result, it is necessary to inquire about the conditions of access of the dogs with the company that you want to use.

Moreover, even if you stay in France, you may be asked to present the passport and the certificate of vaccination for your dog. It is especially the rabies vaccine, which concerns the crew due to the presence of rats on the ship.

See policies for the largest companies:

  • Corsica Ferries: dogs are allowed with the exception of the first group of dogs. They must wear a muzzle and leash. It is forbidden to leave in your vehicle. Your side, they have access to all of the boat, with the exception of the restaurant. Booking is compulsory and the ticket from €19.
  • SNCM: First category dogs either don’t there are not accepted. Indeed, dogs must be kept in a Kennel all the way across. It is forbidden to make him pass the crossing in the vehicle.
  • Brittany Ferries: It is this time of a border crossing, which implies that you have previously agreed to all the conditions required to bring your dog on the territory of the United Kingdom. Regarding just the crossing, a kennel is made available to the dogs. The passage between 60 and €100 depending on whether you go to Ireland or England.

Some companies accept or require that the dog stays in the vehicle. In this case, he must leave the windows open and if possible, stay with him to prevent a hot shot.

In other cases, it’s in your booth that the dog will be confined. In short, our friends the dogs are not ready to become old salts, the truffle wetted by spray, at this rate there!

Go on a Cruise with Her Dog

Both companies are rather comprehensive regarding the presence of canine on board when it comes to a utility crossing, as the cruise overall remain a no.-dog-land.

For health and legislative reasons, the presence of dogs on board pose many problems that the companies do not have very envy to solve. They are small, vaccinated, very well behaved, pet dogs will unfortunately not put the legs on the big cruise ships. However, a few rare initiatives bringing together the masters frustrated began to make their appearance, such the “Woof-woof cruise”, but it’s still anecdotal.

Few companies accept guide dogs, on condition, of course, they have their up-to-date vaccination book!

Health: How to Facilitate Travel By Boat For the Dog?

Will have noticed you, the rabies vaccine is a necessary condition to put legs on the bridge. Check compellingly than her vaccinations are up to date.

But that’s not all. Since you’re going for a ride to the vet for vaccines, take the opportunity to ask him for advice so that your dog does not keep a nightmarish memory of his passage by boat. Indeed, and it is all the more true in that they may not have access to the bridge and the great outdoors, many dogs suffer from seasickness. As soon as the boat starts to pitch, he can experience this powerful discomfort.

Your veterinarian can advise you an anti-Emetic medicine to take before departure, or even a tranquilizer if it considers that it is useful.

On a trip, pay close attention to your dog, because some like the boat and are there very well!

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