Information on Heart Failure in Dogs!

How to recognize and treat heart failure in dogs?

Many dogs, taking age, develop heart failure that can become very disabling for them. Know the symptoms allows you to react quickly. In this article, I propose you to better understand this disease to have the right reflexes and relieve the faster your good old dog!


Symptoms of Heart Failure in Dogs

There are three phases of evolution in this disease:

  • Asymptomatic phase: the heart begins to tire, but he compensates his weakness by accelerating his pace slightly and in magnifying. The dog does not suffer any apparent symptoms.
  • Visible phase to the effort: it can happen quickly (a few months) or slowly (a few years). The heart fails to compensate for his fatigue and the body is less well watered. When effort or stress, the dog coughs, his heart beats too quickly, he makes tachycardia, malaise, syncope and chokes easily.
  • Permanent phase: the previous symptoms become ubiquitous. Muscles melt, the dog chokes is, however, stomach may swell. The dog lost his appetite.

From the second phase, the symptoms must attract your attention and lead you to the faster the vet !

Causes of Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

Initially, the age is the main factor. It depends on the general State and the breed of the dog. However, heart failure is especially visible manifestation of other problems. The exact cause is important, but following reviews, only the vet can achieve. Here is a list of possible causes:

  • Heart valve disease: congenital malformation, microbial inflammation, degeneration
  • Disease of the myocardium (the heart muscle): genetic anomaly, inflammatory home, poisoning of short or long duration, injuries not diagnosed during the life of the dog, degeneration or cancer.
  • Diseases affecting the automatic nervous system: the orders of contraction and relaxation spend more correctly.
  • Diseases affecting another organ, with consequences on the heart. This can be a cause of chronic or acute.

The Dog Suffering Heart Failure Risk

As I said, it’s a progressive disease. In a first time, risk affect especially the living comfort of the dog who can’t express his joy of living as before. However, after a while, the risks increase. When he reached the third stage, the dog becomes very fragile. The slightest exertion or emotion can cause a heart attack or pulmonary edema. In this case, only emergency surgery could save your dog. A dog not supported can die very quickly.

Treatment of Heart Failure

Each case is specific. The ideal is to treat the disease of heart failure. The most often detected in its second phase of development, heart failure gives rise to two types of treatment:

  • A hygienic treatment: it is necessary to limit the physical efforts of the dog. He must also watch his weight, with possibly dieting to the key! Finally, a low salt diet is often prescribed. Special kibble exist to facilitate the application of this measure.
  • Drug treatment: careful, it’s generally a life-long treatment whose abrupt can be fatal to your dog. Although it is effective and can slow down the progression of the disease and limit the risk of pulmonary edema, your dog is not cured as long! Veterinary monitoring is essential to control the doses and the re – adapt regularly.

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