Information on the Breakdown of a Cranial Cruciate Ligament in Dogs!

Details on the operation of a cranial cruciate ligament.

Among the evils that may affect dogs during their life, the breaking of a cranial cruciate ligament is common. Don’t panic, there is certainly serious and must be addressed more quickly, but it is very well supported today. The problem, symptoms, surgery, and cost: learn all about the rupture of ligaments in minutes!


Why Make the Break of a Cranial Cruciate Ligament in Dogs?

The causes of the Rupture of Ligaments in Dogs

At the level of the anterior or posterior knee joint, dogs have a special fragility and whose reasons are at this time still unknown to us. All races are not equal in the face of this health problem. These are the big dogs: labradors, the Newfoundland, the rottweilers that are most at risk. However, dogs suffering from obesity or a bit too sedentary living, as well as those who develop osteoarthritis of the knee or have experienced several patella dislocations must be particularly followed.

The rupture of the cruciate ligament is only rarely due to trauma. Most often, the dog begins to limp gradually, by the simple effect of wear on a daily basis.

Operate Or Do Not Make the Break of a Cranial Cruciate Ligament in Dogs?

Some theories claim that the lesion may heal on its own with rest. However, if we can think in the case of a rupture of the cruciate ligaments after trauma, this seems very uncertain when the limp happened gradually. The causes are still present, nothing can ensure that do not recur daily situations that trained her.

Among veterinarians, alternative treatments to the operation do not yet have consensus. The recovery is long and uncertain and can cause a lot of suffering in the dog before a hypothetical improvement, and this especially in the subjects of small size.

The operation of the rupture of the cruciate ligaments is common and well controlled by veterinarians, it is followed by a partial or complete recovery relatively fast and a total relief for the dog.

Conduct of the Operation of a Rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament in Dogs?

The Diagnosis

The first sign that should alert the master is a sustainable limp not due to an injury of the pad. It is then essential to consult a veterinarian. It can use several methods to highlight the lesion.

  • The manipulation of the “sign of the drawer”, which shows an unusual positioning of the tibia
  • An x-ray shows mainly the presence of osteoarthritis, which can result in a rupture of the ligaments. Taken in the right position, it can show the improper position of the tibia.
  • By ultrasound or MRI: these methods allow to visualize the lesion and confirm it.
  • If we suspect an injury to the meniscus and more, MRI and Arthroscopy can be a good idea. The second is done under general anesthesia because a camera is introduced into the joint to measure all of the lesions.

Cranial Surgical Intervention for the Rupture of the Cruciate Ligaments in Dogs

There are two possible types of intervention for this condition:

  • The prosthesis that is to install a prosthesis of ligaments. Effective but whose duration can be limited.
  • Tibial osteotomy (TPLO) is intended to correct and stabilize the bone posture of the dog after consolidating the os. This technique would be more sustainable.

In both cases, a general anesthetic is required, followed by a period of recovery, total and partial, accompanied by often of anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by the veterinarian.

The Cranial Price of Operation of the Rupture of the Cruciate Ligaments in Dogs?

At the end of care diagnosis, many elements must be taken into account in the assessment of the cost: the diagnosis, the size, age, weight, the size of the lesion, the need for additional or not care.

This results in a quite variable price range: between 400 and €1000 on average.

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