Information on the Buoy For Dog!

Discover an effective way so that your dog can swim safely: the buoy or vest floating!

Well no, swimming is not intuitive in all dogs! Though he has never spent time in contact with the water, there are chances your dog knows quite how to! To avoid your holiday turn into permanent stress to monitor her whereabouts and come around the pool or on the beach, think about the safety accessory that will save you: buoy for dog! But yes, and tell you immediately what it is exactly.

Why Use a Buoy For Dog

The buoy is necessary if you practice water sports with a dog unaccustomed to water. Whether fresh or sea water, the risks are the same. Boat, kayak, swim: better safe than sorry!

Tranquility For You

As long as he has his lifeline, you know that:

  • you keep in mind
  • even tired, it keeps its head above water
  • even if he moves, you can join him and easily bring it back to you

Security For Him

For a positive relationship with water:

  • No trauma related to water
  • He is happy to follow you
  • He will learn more quickly to swim if he feels safe

Advantages and Disadvantages

According to the models, the use is not the same and the benefits and disadvantages are different.

Paw-Shaped Buoy

Very easy to use, it allows the dog to climb on it and stay on the water in safety. For a boy who discovers the water, it is the opportunity to observe humans and other dogs without spending its time to drink the Cup. Some dogs need to reassure.

Very flashy and impressive, there is no risk of losing sight.

However, attention to the waves and the wind that can return or take the buoy!

A recommended safety especially for quiet water bodies accessory!

The Lifejacket

Functioning exactly like a winter coat, it comes in several sizes and allows the dog to be in the water without risking to sink. It is a good accessory to teach him to swim without stress him. Moreover, if the water is a bit cold, the vest can help small dogs do not be cold after a few minutes! See a model right here.

It is an accessory that allows you to switch easily from the Earth to water as many times as your dog wants.

The remains however active dogs, you have to ensure that he gets too tired!

For optimal security, the ideal is to combine two accessories!

The Different Types of Buoys For Dog

There are mainly two categories of buoys for dog that we mentioned:

The Buoy of Rest

The principle is to allow the dog to rest on a safe surface while remaining in contact with the water. It is available in several sizes so small as well as large dogs can sit on without problem. Once inflated, just leave it on the water and let the dog rise above or use it as a diving board.

The Floating Vest

Available in several sizes, it is important that it is snug to the body of the dog. Adjustable and end, it doesn’t bother the dog in his movements but keeps it out of the water. On the back, a handful allows any moment to catch the dog, or attach it to a lanyard to guide.

Price of a Buoy For Dog

For a lifeline of rest, count on average € 85. On the other hand, for vests, prices are very variable. You can find from € 15, with an average between € 30 and € 40 and the high-end or very large between € 60 and € 80 life jackets.

And to discover other accessories useful to facilitate your life and that of your dog, click here ! Otherwise, visit this page for more tips on different precautions to be taken in the summer with his dog.

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