Information on the Cage Fan to Cool Your Dog!

Discover an effective way to cool your dog: cage fan!

Summer, holidays, travel, and of course: the heat! That’s what seduce lovers of summer adventures, provided we do not forget the mission of every day: refresh your dog! More than ever, it’s the car that can seriously jeopardize and spoil the party! Let’s talk a little bit of a solution to bring the fresh air during the long hours of Highway: the fan cage for dog?

What is the Fan Cage For Dog?

In the car, the air is static and heat very quickly. A fan allows you to stir the air and so to prevent the accumulation of hot air around the dog, locked in his cage, past already a moment a little difficult.

The fan is attached on the bars of the cage with its attachments. A switch to turn it on and set the speed (there are usually two) and classic LR20 batteries give good battery life.

Attention however: the fan does not allow you to guarantee a State of lasting freshness for a dog alone in a parked car. By car, you must always stay in the presence of your dog to look after him!

Benefits of the Fan Cage For Your Dog

  • Directed directly to your dog, you can direct it on the face or body and thus cool it without having to take breaks every hour. This allows you to save time on the road and get faster! In the case of bottling, it is also a way to stall your dog!
  • Easy to use, it accompanies the cage around without adding load or extra space.
  • Affordable, it works with easy to find universal batteries. You can even have a reserve in your bag: no crash in sight!
  • Combined with a bit of water on the muzzle and coat, its refreshing power is multiplied and your dog stay really cool, don’t dehydrate.
  • A really affordable price, this is an accessory that can be very useful to a summer on the other and quickly pays for itself if you plan to hit the road this summer!

Price of a Cage Fan to Cool Your Dog

Cage fan is very easy to find on the internet on sites specializing in the welfare of the dog at Atoodog for example. You can even have it delivered on your holiday destination!

Regarding the price, they are rather homogeneous and are usually between 19 and 25, with some variations in dimensions and options related to snapping to the cage.

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