Information on the Lanyard to a Dog!

Learn gentle good behaviour in your dog with a lanyard!

We know better our friends dogs and we realize that like us, they learn better in the sweetness! The loin is a work accessory that allows for example to teach the reminder or to restore good habits to a dog who has lost! A useful tool deserved it linger!

Product Description

You all know the leash, accessory to your daily walks. The loin is presented as a leash, but she is much longer. Based on the same principle as the leash, she is much longer. Classic lanyards on found on the market are between 1 and 30 meters in general. They can be composed of different materials, which each have their advantages and disadvantages: cotton (sturdy and comfortable but that absorb moisture), nylon (resistant and very light, but a little less comfortable to use), rubber (practice for sport), mixture of cotton and nylon, and more rarely, leather (solid and elegant but more heavy and bulky).

The Ribbon can be between 5 and 15 minutes wide on average.

Principles For the Use of the Lanyard For a Dog

The loin for dog isn’t a leash. The leash is deliberately short to maintain good control over the dog during walks.

The loin is not used to walking the dog: it’s a teaching tool to teach him or her relearn smoothly recall and any other good “channels of education”.

The goal is to use it to guide the dog to obey the voice of his master. The lanyard so not used to pull or force the dog to go in one direction: she helps him focus and move spontaneously there where his master wants him to go.

For the master, a good use of the lanyard takes a little time, to take the hand. After that, it’s a very effective tool which will quickly advance the dog to obey the reminder.

Benefits of the Loin to a Dog

The lanyard has several advantages that make it an accessory unanimously recognized by the canine training professional.

It keeps a discreet control over the animal without disturbing him. Left free to move, he is more receptive to the voice of his master. However, if the dog tries to flee or take too much distance, the loin prevents exceed certain limits.

Well handled, she gives master a real flexibility in education to the callback. Indirectly, it’s a real link between the dog and the master tool: everyone feels more tranquil to listen to each other. Stress is often a harmful factor in the education of the dog. Regular use of the loin to make these moments of the sessions preferred to teach simple, as the reminder, or more complicated orders, in the case of dog sports competition, for example.

Price of a Lanyard For Dog

Now you can easily find a large selection of lanyards on the internet, such as those from Atoodog for example. The loin can serve you throughout the life of your dog, even after the period of education. So choose a Loin of good quality, it won’t cost you much more that a low loin range and you will make many services. The average range is between 12 and €20.

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