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Spotlight on a demanding discipline in dog sport: the mondioring!

Looking for Olympic Games of dogs, where only the best can hope to be distinguished? Then discover the mondioring, a complete discipline, which grows the best dogs to outdo yet! You want to know more? We tell you everything about the canine sport: the mondioring!

Description of Dog Sport: the Mondioring

The mondioring was born in the 1980s. It is a discipline that allows among others to select dog breeders top performers. It is also and especially a discipline to use recognized by the Commission as of use to the CFI.

Today, it is a discipline practised internationally, that allows to measure between them to dogs from the four corners of the world! When I was talking about Olympic Games!

This sport is open to dogs belonging to the breeds allowed to bite as The German Shepherd, Malinois, Border Collie, Bouvier of the Ardennes or Flanders, Boxer, Rottweiler, etc. It is an opportunity for dogs to develop their courage, their flexibility, their initiative, their adaptability, their concentration.

The driver of the dog must demonstrate patience, perseverance and imagination.

Tests requested for dog sport: the mondioring

The events that constitute a competition are divided into three categories. Each of these categories has several tests which allow you to test different qualities in the dog.

  • Easing: stay a minute without his master Despite distractions, refuse the bait, as a result of the foot, execute different figures, report in search of an object and the identification of the latter with dispatch and recovery. These exercises test the calm and self-control of the dog.
  • The jump: the dog must go through several fences of gradual height: 1.8 m and 2.3 m with an incline for the reception. Hedges of 0.8 m to 1, 2 m. Long jump: between 3 and 4 m.
  • The bite: A wizard with a combination of protection testing the courage and composure of the dog. We find the test of guard of object, attack with a stick or other accessories with or without hurdles, defense of the master, but also transient attack and arrested elusive attack as well as research. Of course, the dog is never touched by the stick: this isn’t the purpose of the test.

In the program of the events, there is a margin of variations which allows to offer different “themes” and thus meet the public interest and the challenge for dogs and their owners.

Conduct of a Contest of Mondioring

A jury observes the dog to behave over the tests which always take place in order that we gave. The problem is growing.

For each round, points and penalties to establish a score. There are three levels in the scale of points: 200 for the 1, 300 for the 2 and 400 for the 3.

References come with these results:

0-299: insufficient

Between 300 and 319: sufficient

Between 320 and 339: good

Between 340 and 359: very good

Between 360 and 400: excellent

As it is a competition, must decide between dogs. Tie the score, it is the score taken separately for each event that will make the difference.

Where You Can Practice the Mondioring

This discipline is practised only in licensed clubs and with permission to train dogs to the bite.

There are many clubs through the France.

Price of Training Mondioring

The training is done year-round, by subscription. On average, expect between 200 and 350 for an annual membership in a club. Charges for the equipment and the dog care may occur.

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