Information on the Opening and Management of a Family Kennel!

Family dog pension increase more and more, it is in line with the exponential number of pets we have in our current homes. The dog being the pet favorite, particularly in France, it is today considered as a full member of the family. It is therefore quite normal to make all the arrangements for custody. For that many institutions have emerged in France. Several forms of institutions are created every year, if you want such an adventure, you just find that best adapts to your needs, your needs and your skills. Through this article, we will help you to better understand the issue.

What is a Family Kennel?

A kennel is an entity that is in charge of keeping dogs in the absence of its owners. It can accommodate multiple pets at the same time, but leaders must respect many hygiene and safety rules. It is usually located in a rural area, this allows to limit the problems with neighbours. A family pension is an organization, as its name suggests, family: most of the time located within the homes of the people. The family Kennel allows families who wish to keep their dogs on a temporary basis. So they leave with confidence, their pets receive the best for their well-being. The Kennel made sure to adapt better to the habits and profile of each animal, while maintaining strict and firm.

Family Kennel Managers Profile

Be passionate about animals and especially dogs is important to consider the opening of a family kennel. The people responsible for such a project have in common the habit and love of dogs. Very often are people who themselves possess animals and who wish to bring their services to others. These people are often present and active in associations for the protection of animals. Become responsible for a family Kennel does not just happen, many people think that just keep the dogs while in reality, this activity is much more complex than that.

There is no typical profile to open a family kennel. You can have children or not, already owning animals or not, live alone or as a couple, retired or active. But first of all you must have time to take care of the animals. Custody of dogs requires a lot of investment, whether to feed them, to entertain, or else for cuddling. Be present for dogs is essential. The person who keeps dogs must be available on the duration of custody, without exception, and its commitments. The leader of the Kennel must be serious to respect the indications of the owners and the hygiene and safety rules. Obviously, this profession is ideal for those who are very often at home.

Main Tasks of the Head of the Family Kennel

-Ensure the dog during the absence of his master

-Ensure his well-being

-Ensure the dog hygiene of blameless life

-Ensure the dog a comfort and a personal welcome

-Bring the affection the dog

-Walk and entertain the dog

Find out in the interview with Mélanie Hennion, Manager of the pension “happiness for dogs”, personal testimony and advice for those who would like to try this experiment: manage a family pension.

Prerequisites For a Family Kennel

Respect the Habits of the Animal

The comfort of the animal is important, it must be able to feel the best in its environment. Since its environment will change it must have benchmarks and make his mark quickly. For this the owner can bring the dog toys, it is advisable also to not change his diet, if the dog uses a niche or a mat to sleep the owner can bring it during on-call time to reassure the animal. The pension is responsible to ensure the happiness of its residents on a daily basis. He must walk the dogs regularly. Ideally, there should be within the pension area dedicated to dogs so that they will spend.

Have a Sufficient Reception Area

To accommodate a dog in good conditions, the Kennel must have adequate living space. The reception area should be relatively large and perfectly adapted to the arrival of a dog. It is advisable to have a place dedicated to the reception of animals, with the use of adequate materials like tiles, easy to clean in the case of omissions, for example. Each animal must be provided with an own corner. It is essential to have a House with a fence if you have a garden.

Impeccable Hygiene

The person in charge of the animal is to be organized and ensure an interior always clean animals that she keeps. For this, the person can use professional products that will greatly help him in his daily tasks. Hygiene also passes by the cleanliness of animals, the Manager of the pension must ensure regular brushing to the animal, or even showers in case of swimming for example.

Important Vigilance

The pension is responsible ensuring health and be able to provide first aid if necessary. He is the only intermediary between the animal and its owners in their absence, its role is therefore of the utmost importance. It is recommended to ask a health form to know the history of each animal, but also to have numbers retired and direct contacts of people to prevent problems. In an emergency, the person must be able to contact the veterinarian as quickly.

Regulation to Meet in Order to Open a Boarding House

Before making the decision to open a family Kennel at home, need to learn about a number of rules to respect. Several regulations and statutes are to be expected.

To get all the necessary information on the regulations in force and set the steps to follow, your first contacts are the Veterinary Services Department (D.S.V.) and the departmental Direction of social life (D.D.S.V.) of your Department. Do not hesitate to inquire with these institutions because procedures vary slightly from one Department to the other.

Also, be aware that your legal obligations as long as owner of a Kennel depend on the number of dogs you plan receive, as well as the size of your residents.

Any opening of a family kennel, to mandatory formalities:

-Declare your pension with the Direction departmental social cohesion and Protection of the population (DDCSPP) of your Department. This statement can be done online or by post (Cerfa n ° 15045 our site)

-Get the certificate of ability of pets (for the case of family pension, just that at least one person in your family supposed to work with animals has this certificate)

-Implement and maintain records of entry and exit of hosted dogs, as well as follow-up of health records.

-Animal liability insurance


To sum up, open a family Kennel requires a lot of investment on the part of managers. It is important to see this activity as first and foremost a professional activity regulated by laws and obligations, and not the potential benefit of this activity. Another tip, it is necessary, before accepting the arrival of a dog, to talk with its owner for the animal. Need to know his character, his habits, his lifestyle, what he likes to do and what he dislikes so that cohabitation can be at best.

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