Information on the Ring!

Discover a very complete sport: the ring!

In recent years, this sport has a growing success. I must say that it allows your dog to fully spend everything and learn a lot of things! Many masters dream now to ring for dog videos and centers offering courses multiply. But in fact, what is it exactly? What are the requirements and tests?

The Ring, What Is It?

The ring is a very strict discipline, some would say even “rigid”. It consists of jumping exercises, of obedience and defence. The ring is not within the reach of all dogs. There are sports, obedient and well balanced mind dogs. The driver, to also be rigorous. The result is often impressive and spectacular, what explains the growing popularity of the sport.

In fact, today, the ring is a very good opportunity to train improvers males.

Before register you, please inform you. Indeed, as there are proofs of teeth, all dogs can not be allowed to participate in the trials of the ring. Only dogs belonging to races to the teeth are allowed. Moreover, only dogs entered in the book of French origins can pretend to compete.

Finally, to start in front of the jury, the dog must have obtained his CSAU: certificate of sociability and ability to use. Finally, if you want your dog to have a ring career, it should be previously licensed CUN – CBG.

As say you the ring competing, it’s serious!

The tests required for the ring

There are 4 levels of ring and of course, the tests are also progressive. There are 4 levels of progression: the patent, 1 ring, ring 2 and ring 3.

The tests are divided into 3 categories.

  • Easing (or dish) tests: they are many and significant. There the report object thrown, unbeknownst and given, following on a leash and leash with the dog muzzled, the absence of the master for a minutes lying or sitting, forward, positions, and the refusal of bait.
  • Jumping events: the dog must successfully perform 3 different jumps: a hedge jump, a leap of Palisade and a long jump.
  • The trials of bite: why the dog must be on the updated list regularly to the sports bite dogs. After the defense of the driver, there are attacks: launched at 30 m, from the front, evasive, gun, biting front to the stick and elusive batting, stopped face to the stick, research and support of leading man and guard of object.

Conduct of a Contest

During the contest, the dog is presented with its driver to a jury before whom he must realize the requested tests. Each pair has his schedule of passage, there is no interaction of one duo on the other.

Before you begin, the driver presents the jury once again in good standing documents allowing the dog to compete.

The duration of the passage in front of the jury is 15 minutes for the first level: the patent, to 45 minutes for the highest level: ring 3.

Where You Can Practice the Ring

It is possible to enroll in specialized and certified for canine training centres. These are professionals who will then take in loads dogs and their owners and allow them to grow over the months and years.

Today, hundreds of centers in France are able to teach the practice of the ring. There must be one close to you!

Price of a Subscription to the Ring

From one Center to another, prices can vary widely. On average, there are annual subscriptions between 200 and 300, with possible payment facilities.

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