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We tell you what we know about Ultra Premium live dog food!

Eating well, is just well inquire. But the universe of the dog food is vast! To help you learn more about different brands, I regularly offers you to discover new products. Today, it is the Ultra Premium Direct range for dog who got interested. Let’s find out these nuggets focused on digestion and health!

Presentation of the Range Ultra Premium Live

The Ultra Premium Direct brand fits into the current trend gluten. Allergies, weight gain, diabetes, chronic diseases caused by food ill-suited to the dogs digestive system becomes a major concern concern at the masters.

French producers, no animal by-products, to present vets in the development of revenues, few intermediaries: the brand displays its values through the transparency of its production line. As for the price: direct from the factory, the brand boasts a value fairer than the majority of the products on the market.

On the list of ingredients, we find a significant amount of meat, no added sugars, to share of beet pulp. No trace of wheat or barley, which is positive. We rather regret the presence of corn (in small quantity, however, less than 10%), not always well digested, in the Super Premium range.

The different ranges offered by the Ultra Premium Direct brand for dog

Sensitive to the different needs depending on age, size and the issues specific to each, Ultra Premium Direct has developed several ranges:

Puppies of All Sizes:

Four recipes for puppies:

  • Puppies of all sizes: grain-free (but with the potato starch), these Nuggets are rich in animal proteins. They are intended to promote growth and strengthen the immune system. Ideal if you have several puppies of different breeds at home.
  • Puppies of small and medium size: small size croquettes, rich in animal protein and fish oils. The formula is close to the previous.
  • Puppies of large size: croquettes adapted to bigger jaws. No potatoes but corn. Here is still very important growth of these dogs.
  • Sensitive puppies of all sizes: 50% of meat for 30% of protein, grain-free, this is the product the most original and the most attractive of the brand Ultra Premium live.

By Size: Small, Medium and Large

Apart from the two general-interest adult products: dry food for adult dogs, salmon and rice or lamb and rice, allowing you to feed at the same time several dogs of different breeds, there are:

  • Small dogs
  • Medium size dogs
  • Large dogs

The proportions vary somewhat, revenues are essentially the same: bit of grain, of fish, of the dehydrated meat oil. The argument is largely based in the size of the cakes, adapted to the size of the jaws and the digestive system of each template.

Features: Health, Age, Allergies

There are 4 products in this range:

  • Sensitive dogs: no grain or allergenic products for dogs whose digestion is prone to problems
  • Active dogs: particularly rich in protein, chicken and grain, for dogs who live in the great outdoors
  • Sterilized dogs / overweight: Light croquettes with less fat
  • Senior dogs: to keep in shape, less fat and salt

Price of the Ultra Premium Live Dog Food

You can easily find the croquettes on the internet, usually by 12kg bags.

Almost all packages cost around € 35, which amounts to a price of € 2.90 per kilogram, which is in the average of the market.

All nuggets without grain, be they for puppies or adult dogs are a little more expensive, because they require more costly raw materials. A package of 12kg, count between 45 and 47 euros, or between 3.75 and €3.90 per kilo.

Finally, do not forget: a package of good dry food lasts longer!

Give Your Opinion on the Ultra Premium Live Dog Food

Your dog is fed with Ultra Premium Direct? What do you think of their quality? The price? Different ranges?

Feel free to testify further down in the comments to inform the other Doggies on the advantages and disadvantages of food Ultra Premium Direct!

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