Know What is the Right Lighting for Every Room in the House

An environment with a good lighting is essential. In addition to enabling you to see correctly, the light, when applied sparingly (not so clear, not too dark), highlights for all major items of a room.


Direct lighting x indirect lighting

Direct lighting, as its name suggests, is one in which light reflects directly on a given surface, improves the clarity and highlights some object. Already a hint for the first surface and pass then illuminates, and ultimately create a cozy atmosphere.

Home office

“In the home office, we use LED strips to the shelves, beautifying, gives life to books and don’t let the dark environment. And we use the strongest light in order to have a well lit environment, since the Office is used to read and work “, she concludes.



Living room and bedroom

“The indirect lighting was used to make the environment more cozy, valuing parts and architecture. And the direct light has been deployed for the day to day, providing something else lit “, explains the architect Fernanda Negrelli. For the suite, the same proposal was applied.




“With the cold light (fluorescent lamps), it is possible to cook and see more clearly the color of food, dirt, etc. Already the indirect light creates a nice, cozy environment, for days of visitors or other occasions, without having to use the light strong and flourishing, “points out Fernanda.


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