Kong Dog: Discover More About Dalani

The kong dog is a fun and challenging game for your four-legged friend. In the long and boring winter days, while it’s raining outside, always keep your dog active and cheerful. Be inspired by Dalani!

Kong Dog: a fun and educational

Choose to adopt a dog is a choice of great responsibility. All puppies need to be grown in an ever new and challenging environment. The kong dog is an essential accessory especially for those who keep their pets in the apartment, where distractions are reduced compared to its natural environment. The possibility of including within the kong for a tasty snack dogs, for the dog becomes a constant stimulus to seek creative solutions that bring your puppy to’ atmosphere of the hunt , from which it comes to biological instinct. Try to hide your kong dog and let Fido relies on its sense of smell to find it again, this simple gesture will not only entertain, but it will help his nose to grow strong and healthy. Furthermore the kong for dogs is made of natural rubber, a material safe and reliable even for the teeth more sharp!

The kong dog: a game for young and old

Each puppy will love his kong for dogs and can not do without it, regardless of the size of his race, dall’alano the poodle, bulldog from the greyhound. But it is not just a game for the little ones: the kong for dogs will prove too irresistible to”grown” puppies that never cease to play along with his master . The colored plastic, red orblue , catching the attention of your four-legged friend who will return to play every day with pleasure.

Give your faithful companion a kong dog and he will thank you with the most precious of gifts: his wagging tail, a symbol of joy and recognition!