Lacquer: Reuse Your Furniture with the Help of This Material

A good option for renovating the House without spending money on new furniture is with the use of lacquer paint. You can apply it in various types of wood and, thus, leave your House more sophisticated and modern. The architects Carol Matos and Marcia Starling, Office Perform architecture and interiors, gathered to develop some projects that bring furniture with lacquer finish. Check out!

For he

The first project was developed especially for a male client. “We invest in shades of gray (burnt cement) and also in black, to emphasize that feature male environment. These colors serve as a basis for highlighting paintings and sculptures. White appears on the roof and some walls, giving lightness required. The earthy colours of the wood and the green of the garden make up this palette, creating highlights and balancing the composition “, Carol and Marcia.

Why Hairspray?

“The lacquered finish lets you explore the uniqueness and creativity of the design of furniture. Carpentry painting allows us, in our creative process, in addition to the selection of appropriate colors, more freedom in the exploration of shapes, friezes, fittings, bends, etc. A mixing technique, function and art! The same mobile, with another finish, wouldn’t be perfect “, stress the professionals.


The architects used the lacquer finish on the glass, drawers and doors ripped from closets. “This activity has a wide range of colors, and brings refinement to woodworking finishes”, explains the architects.

How much does it cost?

The price for painting furniture varies according to your ways. “It depends on your mobile, size, complexity of design and ink chosen.”

How to make?

In this project, the living room and mobile rack below the tub sink were finalized with lacquer. According to the architects, painting a mobile home is not recommended. “The lacquered is a little different than you would at home just painting your furniture. The lacquer is a kind of special ink, similar to automotive paint, and is applied with spray gun. The Cabinet requires a previous finishing process: bottom paint, sandpaper, regularisation of imperfections. So, it is necessary to be done by an experienced professional in suitable place”, guide.


“To the room, use warm lighting, with indirect light from the moulding that is located just above the tv Mobile. We also use a bracket installed on wood panel. This detail was thought to highlight the Panel and bring warmth to the environment “.

Colors, colors and more colors!

The lacquer paint is available in three types: shiny, matte and textured. In stores, you can find most common colors, such as white and black. Already the more vibrant colors like red, blue and pink in most cases need to be ordered. And for that, your Tinting System Sayerlack has Sayersystem with more than 1000 tones.


To keep lacquered furniture, it is ideal to clean them using a damp cloth with SOAP and water. Then wipe dry.

Text: Monique Lima/Collaborator
Projects: Carol Matos and Marcia Starling, Belo Horizonte-MG