Learn the Care Required to Adopt a Pet

It is proven that the pets only bring benefits to the home. For example, they help in the development of children and treatment of depression. In addition, fellows! If you are thinking about getting cat or dog, how about adoption? So, you help reduce the population of dogs and cats from streets, collaborates with the NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) of your city and assists the fight against illegal trade of animals – many puppies are fruits of animals who live in conditions of ill-treatment. Like the idea? See the care needed in time to adopt!



Although the adoption of animals grown used to be less desired, is more economical and quiet: Besides exempt expenses with puppies, pets are calmer and usually give less trouble with barking and even. Some of these animals have a history of much suffering and may have been traumatized by previous owners, demonstrating fear of people when they are adopted. It is important to understand the reason of this behavior and strive for him to trust who adopted him. “It takes sensitivity and knowledge about animal behavior to heal wounds of the soul. In more severe cases, you will need the assistance of a trainer to re-enable it completely “, guides the President of NGO” ARK Brazil, Marco Ciampi.

Before adopting

Remember that every pet lives about 12 years of. Talk to your family: everyone must undertake to take care of him for that period. The family has the resources to keep it? He must be fed properly (with feed, not food) and go to the vet at least once a year. The pet needs to exercise, walk and have fun, in addition to receiving affection. Although it doesn’t cost anything, it’s important to have time to meet his needs. Just adopt an animal if you are sure that you will be able to take care of him the proper way.