Learn What the Influence of Illumination on Temperature

It is common, in the different seasons of the year, people seek alternatives to adapt the House and leave it more cozy for the cold or heat. And did you know that lighting can also be part of this process?

Lighting effects

Daniele Bagatoli, a member of Luna and Postgraduated in lighting Lighting Luce and interior design explains that the lighting will not necessarily affect the temperature, but on feeling. “In Curitiba, for example, which is a cold city, people usually like lamps shades that pull over to yellow and resemble the summer and sunlight in a day of open time. These lamps not necessarily heat up, but they have a sense of warmth that attracts people from colder regions. Already in cities with hot weather, demand is greater for white lamps, for the opposite effect, “he explains.

The most suitable lights for winter “are those that have below 3000 k color temperature. The packages typically indicate if it is a cold light, warm or hot, but the ideal is to always test the lamp and take the help of a professional for choice “, says Daniele.

Lights heat up

S/he also submits that there are lamps that actually can warm an environment, however, are not indicated because of excessive consumption of energy. “Are the halogen or incandescent dissipate enough heat and really heat up the surroundings. Already LEDs and fluorescent lamps have several color temperatures of light, but not dissipate heat. To this day, even with the evolution of LED, many customers are afraid of him, for you like the color of the light of incandescent bulbs. However, it is possible to find LED versions very close and with satisfactory result “.


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Yellow or white?

Bagatoli makes it clear that the thought that “the white light illuminates more than yellow” is a myth. “In fact, our eyes are more receptive to lights with white shades and the environment it seems that it is more clear. However, it is common for lamps with yellow tonalities have the luminous flux more intense than white versions with the same power, “he argues.

Make the right choice!


Daniele let its recommendations for choosing the right lamp: “tint of sunset light, yellowish, is more romantic, more relaxing, more cozy, while the white lights stimulate the brain. So yellow lamps are best suited for environments such as the bedroom, where we need to be relaxed. The white lights are perfect for offices and places of work and study, where we need attention “.