Leather Hunting Dog Collars Review

Dogs belts in leather

With Hollywood Dogs you will find a large selection of dog harnesses leather for all kinds of dogs and purpose. We carry a wide selection of dog harnesses from Hunter, which is made in a very high quality and beautiful design. Hunters leather belts have a great fit for the dog and you will never go wrong with a leather belt from Hunter. Hunter has also made a leather harness specifically for the bulldogs and Pug. These races have a broader breast than other dogs and that is why this belt made with many more configuration options than the traditional leather belts, so you can customize the dog harness for your dog.


We also cover popular y-harnesses and pro-belts, which is also very popular for their design and, not least, functionality and fit. Hound dog a harness sits well and always been pressure distributed on the right places of the dog’s body. With a leather belt to avoid strain on the dog’s neck, neck and respiratory tract. Always remember to care and maintain your leather belt, so you ensure a long service life.

Leather Hunting Dog Collars Review

Care and maintenance of leather belts

A leather belt to be cared for and maintained in order to keep the leather soft, supple and beautiful. We recommend that you wont your leather belt as often as usual your leather shoes. But, as a minimum, by season switch. You wont it by use of leather grease. It can be the same that you use for your shoes, but we recommend a leather fat without color, so your leather belt retains its natural color. Do you have a black leather belt, then you can of course use a leather grease fortified with black color. Is your leather belt was dirty, so you need to use leather SOAP to wash and care for it in and then leather grease, then you restored leather natural protection.

Hollywood dogs have all the famous brands

With Hollywood Dogs you will find all the well-known quality brands for dogs. A brand we are very proud of, is Hunter. But also hound is known for their quality and functionality. We are very careful when we select a new brand to the shop, for the brand must have a high quality and their products must not only be beautiful, but they must also be functional and durable.

Have you found is the collar to your dog from Hunter, as we do not have on our shop, please write an email to us, so we order it home to you.

Remember lights and reflectors on both the dog and you

On many of our dog harnesses there are sewn in reflex, so you and your dog are visible on the dark walks. Hollywood Dogs carry a wide selection of great-looking dogs harnesses with reflectors for dogs. Reflectors on the dogs harness ensure you and especially your dog is extra visible in the dark time. See the beautiful dog harnesses from hunter and hound here at the shop. Would you extra visibility we have also retro vests, bandanas and reflective strips under the category of Security. Here you will also find a wide selection of lighting for your dog, so it is extra visible. The lamps are particularly handy if you airing your dog without a leash and on the meeting you will always be able to see your dog and the others will too. It is important that both you and your dog are visible, not only for your own sake, but also for traffic safety’s sake. We also have dogs liner, which is equipped with reflectors for full security.

Leather Hunting Dog Collars

Nylon dog harnesses

With Hollywood Dogs we have a large selection of the most popular dog harnesses. Dogs belts from Hunter, hound  and Julius K9 is some of the best dog harnesses and you will find a great variety of these brands. Hunter make several different kinds of belts for dogs in many great colors, so there is something for everyone. Hurtta has 3 different models, their y-harness, pro-belt and their latest Active-belt. All hound  dog harnesses are available a series of beautiful and brilliant colors. Julius K9 have their original Power-belt and their latest .IDC-harness. All Julius K9 dog harnesses, exists in a multitude of colors and you can personalize your Julius K9 harness with a label that is appropriate for your dog.