Legislation on Potentially Dangerous Dog Breeds

In an attempt to prevent dog bites, legislation on potentially dangerous dog breeds referred to certain breeds as harmful to society and regulates how, when and where it is possible to have these races. In many cases the races are completely prohibited even in cities or entire countries.

Considered dangerous breeds dogs
There are many dogs with the label of “dangerous” according to this law.

Some of those most affected are the following:

pit bull terrier American
American Staffordshire terrier
Argentine Dogo
Fila brasileiro
Staffordshire bull terrier
Tosa inu

The difference between dangerous races and other dog breeds
These dogs are medium-sized or large, muscular and strong jaw.

He is considered that in the event of an attack these dogs would cause much damage, but the differences are really limited to the physical. Dogs that appear to belong to these breeds, like dogs mixed with some of them, are considered and treated as such.

You say that these dogs are dangerous
You’ve just heard “aggressive breeds”. The media have made their work show to these breeds of dogs as aggressive. The truth is that no aggressive breed, but individual dogs that are there is. These laws placed a tag to all dogs belonging to these races for fear of them, and although many of these dogs were used for fighting and attacks, these laws do not take into account that dogs, like people, have genetic and environmental influence so it should receive some education and socialization.

Behind an aggressive dog will probably be a crazy owner.

How these laws affect you
Imagine that you have finally found the apartment of your dreams after an extensive search. You will have more space for you and your pit bull. Everything is ready for the move when the landlord informs you that not you can rent it yourself because in the building do not allow pit bulls.

Or imagine that you want to go to another country to live but the airline does not want to travel with your dog by race. These are just two examples. If you want to have a dog of this breed, in most cases, you must obtain a license and insurance for damage to third parties. Some dogs must wear a muzzle when they walk in a public place and in some cases dogs can even leave home.

Why these laws don’t work
The aim of introducing legislation in society is to provide collective security. Legislation on potentially dangerous dog breeds are based on fear of individuals and seeks to fix a problem in the fastest way possible, without scientific basis and without examining the causes of aggression in dogs. In addition, these taboo races done people who really should not have a dog end up acquiring one, give them a little ideal education and to achieve that the bad reputation of these races will increase. Other owners who live where these dogs are not allowed end up hiding them, in such a way that these dogs spend much time locked and without receiving the level of socialization that require.

Alternatives to legislation on potentially dangerous dog breeds
It is a fact that dogs that are not sterilized are more aggressive than are Yes. In addition, a sterilized dog live longer and have better quality of life. All entities who work with dogs or that they care about the public welfare, whether they are governmental or nonprofit, should launch extensive campaigns in favour of sterilization and educate owners of dogs on the benefits. All animal shelters must deliver their dogs sterilized and also it must educate breeders on sterilization. This is only the first. You can do much more.
• Provide dog owners of great strength and vigor with kinds of dog training as soon as they acquire it and free or low-cost, if necessary.
• Have a fixed record of animal attacks and to investigate what is the history of these. It should monitor the breeders, especially to those whose dogs have attacked someone.
• Educate the dog breeders support the sterilization, especially in necessary cases or if the dog will be not displayed in dog competitions. Also, educate them so that they can identify people who are not fit to have one of their dogs.
• Punish the owners of dogs that attack or bite people.
• Use the high budget which applies to implement legislation to invest in research on the cases of dog bites.

What you can do to help you to change these laws
Not adoptes or buy a dog, any dog, unless you’re willing to fight for it. When you adopt or buy a dog and then you get surprised by these laws is because you you not reported properly. Above all, you must not acquire a dog and much less one of these dogs if you travel much, often move out, you don’t have your own home or if you don’t have time to exercise it and educate it as necessary. It is not recommended that you purchase one of these dogs if you have not had a dog previously and it is preferable that you only acquire a dog if you have had one of their race before. You understand that these laws are real and you can affect and limit.

You speak out. Write to entities that do not accept these dogs, not travel on airlines who do not accept them, or visit communities, cities, or countries with very strict laws. Opt for cities like New York, which is against these laws.