Let’s Take An Exceptional Game For Dogs: the Automatic Ball Spear, Ifetch

Discover The Famous Lance Automatic Ball For Dog!

In terms of dog games, we don’t have progress! And my Mistress recently found the toy for dog of his dreams: the iFetch! The what? If you have never heard of it, know that the iFetch is an Automatic for dog ball Launcher (not to be confused with the throw ball spoon). In other words, it can allow your dog to pass the buck himself. For me who loves playing ball is a blessing! Let me introduce you to this unique dog toy!

The Ifetch, a Ball For Dog Launcher

I could spend hours playing ball! The problem is that my Mistress has not always hours for me to make the dog games. I’m so sometimes a little too insistent with her, and she is forced to stop me.

But that was before! A few weeks ago, my Mistress discovered theiFetch, a great dog toy that comes directly from the United States. The concept? It is simply an automatic ball for dog lance.

Thanks to this toy, I can now get the only ball, and my Mistress finally has time to breathe when she can’t play with me!

How Does This Launcher of Automatic Ball For Dog?

The iFetch is a small blue and white sphere, cute. Its use is very simple: the dog just putting the ball in the hole provided for this purpose, and then sets off spear automatic dog ball .

Personally, it only took me 5 minutes to understand the principle of the iFetch, after that my Mistress showed me how to use it. In general, it takes very little time so that a dog understand the iFetch… But much more time so that it separates!

Totally automatic, this dog toy will activate as soon as he gets a bullet. Before launching it, it will wait a few seconds so that the dog is excited and having fun with his game. Then, the spear automatic ball will activate!

Where to Play with the IFetch?

Lance ball for dog offers three different distances of shots: three, five and ten metres. In this way, we can play with the iFetch indoors or outdoors.

If you have a large enough room and a small dog, it will be a great toy for little dog inside. But for a labrador like me, the iFetch is above all a toy outside, ideal in a park or in a garden!

The Interest of the Ifetch

If you had never heard of this lance automatic dog ball until today, it is simply because it is very difficult to find in France. From a financing project participatory kickstarter, the iFetch did a tobacco abroad, upon its release.

It must be said that this dog toy has many advantages:

  • It allows your dog to spend: play ball is one sport like any other for a dog. If you don’t have the time to play dog games for hours, the iFetch will be the ideal solution for your pet is spent.
  • It is easy to understand: designed exclusively for dogs, the iFetch has a very easy to use. With a bit of patience and a few treats, you won’t learn its functioning to your pooch.
  • It requires no effort of the master: Fortunately, my Mistress still has plenty of energy to play with me, but this is not the case of all masters. This dog toy will be ideal for teachers with disabilities, who cannot bend to pick up and throw the ball.
  • It avoids boredom of the dog: used indoors, during your absence, the iFetch can look after your dog if he gets bored of you.

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