Looking for Antiques and Furniture Vintage? Five Stores to Not Miss

Since I was small antiques shops they have trapped me. They were magical places that were filled with objects and furniture that seemed fascinating. Now, of, those shops of antiques or vintage objects, as it is said now many objects from the last century although at times it does not correspond with the period of this term, continue causing me fascination.

And in fact, it is virtually impossible to pass through front shop of an antique and not come, or at least not stand to see their windows to let my imagination. So we will recommend today in Decoesfera five antique shops that all decoration lover should have on its agenda of reference. We know that there are many more, but anywhere we must begin…

MU restoration

Since it opened in the premises of entrepreneurs that make up the dynamic square of the arms of Zaragoza, two restorative girls who hide behind Mú they have managed to gain a foothold in the market of the restoration of Zaragoza with furniture and objects selected and very charming vintage, where after a process of restoration and transformation have been able to join the avant-garde with the classical to provide spaces of color and originality. In addition to the physical store, since some time ago Mu girls have launched an online store so you can get your furniture without leaving home.

The last stop

This is one of the essential in any visit to Barcelona. 20th century items, vintage objects and large international design furniture they are some of the objects that you can find at the last stop, a space run by photographers Bela Adler and Salvador Fresneda in which stands out the inner courtyard that exposed some of the furniture, and in which it is possible to take rather calmly.

Reno Spain

Barcelona jumped to Madrid to meet Reno Spain, a space in the find very nice things, especially design and antiques of the 20th century, with special attention to the Nordic currents.

The worn

Located in the old town of Zaragoza, the worn, a magical place to find objects, furniture and whims of the years 60 and 70. Interesting and different parts with a particular vision of the furniture and vintage objects.

Cup & Cover

I have to admit that this is one of my latest discoveries. Cup & Cover opens its doors in the Arganzuela in Madrid Street, and you can find furniture and decorative elements of the main styles and designers of the late 19th century and the 20th century. From Bierndemeirer original furniture, Scandinavian design, passing through parts of art deco or Art Nouveau.