Make a Custom Wall Clock


Make a self Stunning Numbers Wall Clock * Shipping costs € 4.00.

This is a great gift for a friend and a truly magnificent decorative element of your home, cottage, as well as to the office, to bring “something special”, which all notices.

Suitable mounting locations are mm. smooth walls, cabinet doors, glass walls, which sticks to the label surface is best.

Total Size: Depends entirely on how big you want the clock to be.
The hour hand length: 31 cm
length of the minute: 39 cm
Clock platform size: 10.3 cm

Material: Aluminum Clock and EVA – foam, on top of a mirror-like acrylic plastic.

Works with:  AA battery (not included).

Available colors: Silver or Black

Package:  1x Wall clock in the selected color, as well as all the necessary materials and the help to facilitate insertion.
Wall Clock color is chosen after purchase by e-mail.

All Stunning Wall Clocks at this link .

Putting requires a little planning, but the user will be involved in this, and there’s more:

1: clean the wall of dust and dirt
2: Select / mittaile place the clock and secure the bracket, and a clock on the wall.
3: Then set the clock onto the scale in which the mark and the time of day you place your marks.
4: Set glossy plastics by the signs, followed by removing the protective plastic.
5: Take time away from the wall and put the hour hand and minute hand position, pointing in the direction of 12 the time.
6: Set the correct time, put the radiator and hang the clock on the wall.
7. Great! Now you can enjoy the magnificent magnificent wall clock art.